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Lip gloss and skin cancer

Lip Gloss May Cause Skin Cancer

Lip gloss is dangerous, you need to change your habits. Several times a day we apply lip gloss or lipstick without SPF protection, which increases the risk of lip cancer.

Lips are as vulnerable as face

Lips are vulnerable due to regular direct exposure to sunlight. Lip gloss or lipstick makes your lips more vulnerable to the negative effects of UV rays from the sun. Therefore, you should choose a lipstick with SPF to protect your lips from ultraviolet radiation. Don't use lipstick with low SPF numbers. Lipstick must contain SPF of at least 15 in order to adequately protect lips from ultraviolet radiation.

Did you know that 70% of skin aging is due to photoaging?

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Lipstick and skin cancer
Many experts claim that the microparticles contained in lip gloss work like a prism, amplifying the sun's rays, like a magnifying glass.

Ultraviolet and skin cancer

The Skin Cancer Research Foundation notes that 81% of lip cancer occurs on the lower lip and the risk increases cumulatively. 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with lip cancer are over 45.

Lip gloss improves UV penetration

Lip gloss helps the sun penetrate the skin better, similar to tanning oil, which increases the risk of lip cancer. On the one hand, the application of lipstick improves the penetration of ultraviolet rays into the skin, on the other hand, the thinned ozone layer of the Earth increases the intensity of ultraviolet rays on the surface of the globe, all contributing to an increase in the risk of lip cancer. Therefore, it is recommended to use lipsticks, lip balms with SPF. SPF 15 will be optimal.

Also, remember that if you have cold sores, apply sunscreen balm to your lips. This will help avoid exacerbations of herpes, since ultraviolet light reduces local immunity and can provoke herpes rash.

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