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Mesothreads skin firmness and tightening

Mesothreads is a minimally invasive tightening procedure that strengthens the oval of the face and prevents further progression of deformational changes.


  • Instant lifting result
  • Short recovery period
  • No signs of tampering


  • Face, neck, chest lifting
  • Correction of deep nasolabial wrinkles
  • Gravitational ptosis of the cheeks - "flew"
  • Descent of the outer corners of the eyes
  • Replenishment of the nasolacrimal groove
  • Chin strengthening

How is the procedure

During the procedure, mesothreads are injected into the skin, taking into account the physiological lines of skin tension, in order to prevent the forces of gravity. After insertion, mesothreads strengthen the frame, taking part of the load from the skin "on itself". Thus, an additional framework is created that strengthens the skin. Over time, they are replaced by their own cells, which strengthen the skin, replacing them with their own cells. In advanced cases, such a lift cannot replace the operative lifting. But nevertheless, in most cases, it allows you to quite effectively correct deformation changes in the oval of the face and maintain the skin in good shape.


The procedure has no age restrictions and is established according to indications when necessary. Mesothreads, as a prophylaxis with a tendency to deformational changes in the early stages, will allow you to get more pronounced results with little cost, time and minimal risks.

Pain relief

Mesothreads are administered with or without local anesthesia and are well tolerated by patients. The duration of the recovery period depends on the type of mesothreads, their number and individual characteristics. As a rule, it is 1-3 days. Small hemorrhages may occur at the injection sites. The next day after installing the mesothreads, you can already apply makeup. All this time, the patient can go about his daily activities, with the exception of heavy physical exertion.


  • Active herpes
  • Inflammatory skin rashes
  • Blood clotting disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Scar tendency
  • Pregnancy

Possible complications

The mesothreads used in Venus Clinic practically do not have serious complications, which are often described when lifting with non-absorbable sutures. Therefore, complications are extremely rare, but can be observed:

  • Hemorrhages
  • Hematomas at injection sites
  • Edema at the injection site

Preparing for the treatment

Mesothreads do not require special preparation. A preliminary consultation with a doctor is recommended to select the volume of the procedure, the number and type of threads to be installed, and a possible combination with other injection or laser procedures. A preliminary consultation with a doctor will allow you to develop an individual plan to obtain the maximum aesthetic and medical results.

Recommendations after the procedure

No special care required.

What procedures are mesothreads combined with?

A facelift with threads is combined with all procedures. Every person is different. Therefore, we believe that there is no need to use a "fashionable technique" for the sake of the technique itself - an individual approach to correct a particular problem in a particular patient will allow you to look harmonious. For this, we have the necessary modern equipment and confidently own it. Mesothreads in combination with other techniques will allow not only to achieve such individual results as lifting problem areas, but also to give the skin a youthful radiant appearance. This will make your face look fresh and radiant.

During the consultation, the doctor will select the best combination for the mesothreads for you:

  • Photorejuvenation - after 2 weeks - evens out skin tone, removes unwanted blood vessels and enlarged pores
  • Laser rejuvenation - removes fine wrinkles, tightens the skin, reduces porosity
  • RF-lifting - enhance lifting
  • Biorevitalization - will smooth out fine wrinkles and saturate the skin with moisture
  • Mesotherapy - skin nourishment, enhance and complement the skin lifting effect
  • Augmentation - will replenish lost volumes, reduce the severity of deep wrinkles


Prices for mesothreads skin firmness in Kiev

Plain mesothreads, 1 pc.350 UAH60 minutes
Mesothreads srew, 1 pc.450 UAH60 minutes
Mesothreads Barb, 1 pc.UAH 115060 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

History of the mesothread procedure

Skin aging

Over the years, the collagen content in the skin gradually decreases and this is manifested in the appearance of wrinkles and changes in the face contour. If for the correction of wrinkles there are many means, then for the correction of changes in the oval of the face the only alternative until recently was only a surgical lift. Not every patient is ready for a surgical facelift, so there is a search for effective minimally invasive procedures for non-surgical face and neck lifting.

Previously, a non-surgical facelift was performed using gold threads to shape and strengthen the oval. Why golden threads - because it is an absolutely indifferent metal that does not cause any reactions from the body. The procedures were expensive and did not bring the expected result, and if correction was necessary, the placement of the already installed threads had to be taken into account.

Mesothreads is a relatively new injection procedure, the principle of which is to introduce special sterile medical threads into the skin. Threads can be biodegradable and permanent. Permanent threads do not dissolve and remain in the skin forever. In aesthetic medicine, there is a tendency to use biodegradable materials, that is, materials that would be well tolerated by the body and could eventually dissolve without a trace. Biodegradable threads are often also called mesothreads to emphasize their ability to dissolve over time. In fact, biodegradable threads are not a novelty, since they have been used in surgery for several decades, so they are well studied and have a clearly predictable resorption period of 9-12 months. Mesothreads have different lengths depending on the anatomical zone and the task. As a rule, several threads are installed in one zone, creating a "microskeleton" that strengthens the skin. The number of threads to be inserted is individual and depends on the condition of the patient's skin and the expected results.

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