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PCA Peel (Jessner Peel)

PCA Peel (Jessner Peel)

PCA Peel Jessner Peel are self-neutralizing guided peels, which are a type of modified and improved Jessner peels in three modifications for the treatment of skin problems such as acne, age spots, oily skin.

What is Jessner's Peel?

Jessner Peeling is named after Max Jessner, who popularized the existing formulas. All peels are based on:

  • lactic acid
  • salicylic acid
  • lemon

These acids cause mild exfoliation and are well tolerated.

PCA Peel - Modified Jessner Peels

PCA Skin is the progenitor of Jessner's modified and improved peels. More than 27 years ago, Physicians Care Alliance (PCA Skin, USA) developed the world's first modified Jessner peels. Thanks to the improvement of the composition with such additional ingredients as antioxidants, agents that inhibit the formation of pigments (hydroquinone, koic acid, etc.), it is possible to obtain a more pronounced therapeutic effect.

Jessner's peeling
Jessner's Peel, PCA Peel is a modified peel that solves the problem of acne, age spots, melasma.

Indications for PCA Peel

  • oily skin
  • enlarged pores
  • asphyxiant, tired, sluggish skin
  • reduction of skin turgor
  • photodamaged skin (pigmentation and dilated blood vessels)
  • melasma, chloasma (types of hyperpigmentation)
  • acne, including cystic form
  • stagnant post acne elements

How does Jessner's peel work?

Ingredients of PCA Peel Peel Jessner exfoliate dead skin cells, restoring the disturbed natural processes in the skin. The polyacids that make up the peelings allow you to remove hyperkeratosis (keratolytic effect of salicylic acid), normalize the sebaceous glands, reduce the inflammation of rashes, accelerate the resorption of stagnant spots after acne (the effect of resorcinol), lighten hyperpigmentation (hydroquinone, arbutin, koic acid), and hydrolipidic balance of the skin and enhance its immune properties (lactic acid).

What problems does it solve?

Jessner Acne Peeling

Originally, Jessner's peel was intended to treat acne and prevent breakouts. With acne, it is impossible to achieve quick results only with external agents at home. In the pathogenesis of acne, many links are involved, ranging from concomitant internal problems (features) of the body, which are accompanied by an increase in the absolute amount of sex hormones and/or their imbalance and ending with local problems - an increase in the sensitivity of the sebaceous glands to the normal amount of hormones, a violation of keratinization of the layers of the epidermis and difficulty in outflow sebum from the sebaceous glands, bacterial growth in the sebaceous glands in conditions of lack of oxygen, and much more.

Optimal results can be achieved only with an integrated approach with examination by doctors of different specialties and external treatment with special professional procedures with clinically proven results. In this case, PCA Peel allows you to quickly solve the problem of hyperkeratosis, dysfunction of the sebaceous glands and the bacterial component. While corrective professional products complement the effect of peels at home.

Jessner's modified peeling for age spots

Formulas of modified Jessner peels developed by PCA Skin are formulated with hydroquinone, the most powerful ingredient in the treatment of age spots of various origins.

Pigmented spots of various origins, including melasma, chloasma, have many causes associated with hormonal imbalances in the body and are a serious problem torpid (resistant) to treatment. The use of a course of modified Jessner peelings PCA Peel with hydroquinone, as well as the appointment of local corrective agents, allows you to achieve results several times faster. This is due to the intensive exfoliation of the affected cells and the normalization of pigment metabolism in melanocytes (cells tooys responsible for tanning; with pigmentation, the activity of melanocytes is increased).

Jessner peeling before and after


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • individual intolerance to components
  • aspirin allergy
  • hypersensitivity to alcohol
  • lactation

Preparing for the procedure

Jessner Peel PCA Peel belongs to the latest generation of controlled self-neutralizing peels, therefore it does not require special preparation and can be performed by any visitor, regardless of the initial skin condition, since the procedure is individually adjusted to the type and condition of the skin.


PCA Peel, Jessner peels belong to a new generation of self-neutralizing guided peels, thanks to which they can individually adapt to the patient's skin type, starting with a mild effect on the first visits, to a more aggressive effect on subsequent visits, as the skin adapts. Therefore, PCA Peel peels are easily tolerated by patients and allow a fresh look at the procedure, even for those patients who have had bad experience with other peels.

Care after Jessner peeling
Specially developed post-peel care products will make your recovery period comfortable, manageable and safe. Follow your doctor's recommendations.

Recommendations after the procedure

  • Facial Wash Skin Cleansing
  • ClearSkin or Apres Peel 35+
  • Sunscreen Perfecting Protection SPF (for age spots) or Weightless Protection SPF (for acne)


Prices for Jessner peeling in Kiev

Professional peelings PCA SKIN, USA
PCA Peel face * (Jessner 3 types: with hydroquinone, hydroquinone + resorcinol, without hydroquinone)2300 UAH40 min.

*peeling of the face-neck area + 20% of the Price
**peeling of the face-neck-décolleté area + 30% of the Price

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can Jessner peel be done?

Jessner's peeling has no clear age restrictions and is done according to the indications. As a rule, starting from adolescence.

Is it possible to peel Jessner for rashes?

Yes, Jessner's PCA Peel peel is the technique of choice for active acne. During the procedure, the specialist can add powerful anti-inflammatory acne treatments recommended by the manufacturer.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

PCA Peel can be combined with laser treatments such as Forever Clear BBL to treat acne. This will significantly reduce the duration of treatment. The doctor will develop an individual treatment program and combinations of different procedures during the consultation.

How many procedures are required?

This is individual, the average course is from 3-4 procedures with an interval 2 weeks. The patient sees the result after the first procedure.

In which areas is Jessner's peeling done?

PCA Peel, Jessner peeling is carried out on the face, neck, décolleté and back, that is, in those areas where problems such as acne and age spots are most common.

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