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Legs wax depilation
Venus Clinic

Wax depilation

Wax depilation is a cosmetic procedure for the temporary removal of unwanted hair by pulling it out with waxes or viscous sugars (sugaring). Hair growth resumes in 2-3 weeks.

Waxing is an excellent alternative to shaving and has several benefits:

  • longer lasting hairless effect - about 2-3 weeks
  • less chance of irritation and ingrown hairs.

After shaving, there may be ingrown hairs, irritating and leading to age spots. What's more, the after-shave effect lasts only a few days, as the hair is cut off at the skin's surface and soon appears above the skin's surface.

Wax depilation refers to temporary methods of removing unwanted hair, that is, after the procedures, hair growth resumes. The hair follicle is not destroyed in this case.

We use high quality hot waxes from the French company Perron Rigot. The wax base is the key to the success of the procedure. Metrics such as melting point, viscosity, hair adhesion, skin adhesion affect the quality of the procedure, the patient's feel and comfort.

How is the procedure going?

The skin in the area of ​​the proposed procedure is cleaned with a special product. Softened wax is applied to the skin. After the wax has solidified, the beautician abruptly removes the wax along with unwanted hair. After the procedure, wax residues are removed from the skin with a special agent, and a soothing cream is applied to the skin, which relieves irritation. Modern waxes have a low melting point, so they do not cause burns and discomfort during the procedure.

depilation on lips
Depilation of the antennae lasts a few minutes and removes unwanted hair for several weeks.

During the procedure, hair is removed along with the bulb. Depilation allows you to forget about unwanted hair for 2-3 weeks. On the positive side, the hair grows back with a sharp end. This makes the hair less visible than shaving.

Effect duration

The effect after wax depilation lasts, on average, for 2-3 weeks, so waxing is the most preferable among temporary methods. The disadvantage of this technique for removing unwanted hair is folliculitis, an ingrown hair. A quality foundation and proper care will reduce these unwanted effects.


  • violation of the integrity of the skin
  • allergic dermatitis
  • inflammatory elements in the hair removal area
  • allergy to components
  • varicose veins, etc.

Preparing for the procedure

The procedure is performed on regrown hair. The hairs should be 5 mm long. If the hair is short, the procedure may be ineffective due to poor adhesion of the wax to the hair and hair may not be removed.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the treatment, a soothing cream is applied to hydrate the skin and relieve irritation.


Prices for wax depilation in Kiev

Upper lip110 UAH20 minutes
Chin120 UAH20 minutes
Armpits220 UAH20 minutes
Bikini classic320 UAH30 minutes
Full bikini500 UAH60 minutes
Forearms210 UAH30 minutes
Shoulders220 UAH30 minutes
Full arms350 UAH60 minutes
Belly line white120 UAH20 minutes
Shins310 UAH30 minutes
Hips320 UAH40 minutes
Full legs580 UAH60 minutes
Buttocks depilation250 UAH30 minutes
Men's depilation - back380 UAH30 minutes
Chest for men - chest320 UAH30 minutes
Male belly280 UAH30 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get infected during wax depilation?

No, the wax is used only once after the procedure is disposed of.

Can waxing be done during laser hair removal?

Wax depilation should not be done 3-4 weeks before laser hair removal, otherwise laser hair removal will be ineffective .

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