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Upper lip laser hair removal

Upper lip laser hair removal

Laser hair removal of the upper lip is a non-invasive treatment that destroys the hair follicles and hair growth does not resume.

Unwanted hair above the lip in women causes discomfort, and waxing it, pulling it out or shaving it gives only a temporary effect. Antenna laser hair removal is a popular and the only safe treatment for excess hair growth above the lip.

Causes of antennae in women


Antennae in women can be a genetically determined congenital feature. This feature is often found among the eastern races. Antennae growth can be activated during puberty.


Hirsutism - increased hair growth over the upper lip in women due to the increased content of androgens (male sex hormones) in the blood. Hair can also appear not only in the lip area, but also in the chin area.

Hirsutism can be observed in fertile (childbearing) age, and is also a frequent occurrence during menopause or in pathologies of the female genital area. Therefore, a frequent recommendation when hair appears above the upper lip in women is to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.


How is laser hair removal over the upper lip?

Laser hair removal on the upper lip takes just a few minutes. Before the treatment, the specialist determines the skin phototype and selects the parameters of the treatment, a transparent gel is applied to the skin. The laser beam penetrates deep into the skin, selectively heating the hair melanin. The hair follicles are destroyed and hair growth stops. Antenna laser hair removal is an effective and safe treatment.

upper lip epilation


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • fresh tan on the face
  • herpes, skin inflammation
  • taking photosensitizers
  • visit to the solarium

Preparing for upper lip epilation

Before laser hair removal, you must shave off your hair. Hair should be shaved against the direction of growth, try to avoid cuts.

There is a misconception that shaving hair leads to increased hair growth. This is not the case, shaving the hair above the upper lip does not affect hair growth in any way. Increased hair growth in the antennae area is regulated by sex hormones. Don't be afraid, shaving before laser treatment will not increase hair growth.

Recommendations after the treatment

Laser hair removal is a treatment without rehabilitation, just a few minutes after the treatment you can go about your daily routine. It is recommended not to sunbathe and use SPF 30+ sunscreen, especially in the summer for 3 months after hair removal.


Prices of laser hair removal on the face in Kiev

Area above the upper lip210 UAH10 minutes
ChinUAH 23010 minutes
CheeksUAH 23010 minutes
Temporal regionUAH 23010 minutes
Temporal region + cheeksUAH 44010 minutes
EyebrowUAH 19510 minutes
Forehead lineUAH 23010 minutes
Whole face750 UAH20 minutes
Single pulse60 UAH 
Numbing cream15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

For a complete price list by zone, see the section - Laser hair removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will be required?

Usually, it will take 4 to 8 epilation treatments to completely stop hair growth. It depends on the thickness and amount of hair. The most critical factor is hormonal levels and fluctuations.

Hormonal fluctuations stimulate the appearance of new hair. Under the influence of sex hormones, dormant hair follicles are activated. Fluffy hair can also be transformed into mature black hair under the influence of sex hormones.

The appearance of new hairs will signal a repeat visit for laser hair removal. In the case of single hairs, it makes no sense to do a complete epilation of the entire lip area, a few flashes along the emerging hairs are enough. For this price list, the price is provided for 1 flash.

Can a laser cause new hair to appear?

No, laser hair removal does not cause new hair. It should be remembered that the growth of hair in the upper lip and chin area is associated with hormonal levels. During epilation, only hair that is in the active growth phase is removed. The resumption of the growth of dormant hair follicles occurs under the action of sex hormones that affect the dormant hair follicles. For this reason, new hairs may appear after laser hair removal. There are supporting treatments for this.

Can vellus hair be removed?

No, it is impossible to remove vellus, gray and light hair with a laser. Blonde hair does not contain melanin - a pigment, therefore, under the action of a laser beam, the hair does not heat up to the required temperature to destroy the hair follicle.

At what age can hair be removed?

Laser hair removal has no age limits and can be performed even in childhood for medical reasons, for example, with paradoxical hypertrichosis. Still, there are certain age ranges, which are associated not so much with the laser hair removal treatment itself, but with the physiology of hair growth.

For example, laser hair removal during puberty may not give lasting results. This is due to the fact that changes in hormonal levels in the teenager's body will stimulate the appearance of new hair. Therefore, when epilating in adolescence, you need to be aware that hair growth can partially resume. This will not be 100% hair regrowth compared to the amount before laser hair removal.

Is laser treatment dangerous for tooth enamel?

No, despite the fact that the penetration depth of the laser beam is quite high, nevertheless, laser radiation does not have any negative effect on either teeth or tooth enamel. The effect is only on hair melanin.

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