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Facial massage in Kiev
Venus Clinic

Facial massage

Facial massage is a manual massage procedure that improves metabolic processes, improves lymph drainage and increases the tone of the facial muscles.

Massage to this day remains a relevant tool in the struggle for beauty and youth. Observing the regularity of massage procedures throughout life (you can start from the age of 25), we can prevent the appearance of facial wrinkles, gravitational ptosis. But even having resorted to facial massage at a more mature age, we will get an immediate result. Indeed, in addition to local manual effects on the skin, there is an indirect effect through the peripheral receptors of the skin on the central nervous system, which contributes to the overall harmonization of well-being.


  • face contour changes
  • signs of lymphostasis, puffiness of the face
  • violation of the proportions of the face
  • decreased skin tone

Facial massage - how it works

  • improvement of venous and lymph outflow
  • enhancement of metabolic processes in the skin and muscle frame due to increased blood flow
  • general tonic effect on the body and psycho-emotional relief
  • increasing the tone of the muscles of the face, neck - a distinctive feature of chiromassage

Which technique is better?

Despite the many copyright names and techniques of various massage schools, we distinguish two main methods - classic facial massage and chiromassage.

Classic facial massage

Classical massage is the most famous type of massage. Performed on the face, neck, décolleté. There is a slight exfoliation of the corneous cells of the epidermis, an improvement in skin regeneration, an increase in blood supply, an acceleration of lymph outflow. The result is a fresh, radiant appearance of the skin, prevention of age-related changes. The course consists of 10-15 procedures with a frequency of 2-3 procedures per week.

Facial massage
Do not underestimate the classic facial massage. Despite the emergence of new techniques, this type of massage has not lost its relevance and is not inferior in effectiveness. The classical facial massage contains elements of other types of massage.

Spanish facial massage

Spanish facial massage loudly declared itself in the early 90s and quickly gained popularity practically all over the world. Although the technique itself has been known since the beginning of the 20th century, when the Spanish naturopathic physician Ferrandis comprehensively studied the massage techniques of his Spanish and American colleagues.

Spanish facial massage combines the best practices of classical European, Eastern systems, kinesiology, chiropractic. Its distinctive feature is an individual approach to each client and unsurpassed efficiency in gravitational ptosis, changes in facial contours.

Spanish Facial Massage
Spanish facial massage is able to combat age-related changes (expression wrinkles, gravitational ptosis, skin atony), dry skin, impaired venous and lymphatic outflow.

Involving reverse nerve impulses from the muscles of the face to the brain, allows you to fight stress and negative emotions. During the Spanish massage, the patient receives relaxation and a beneficial effect on the psycho-emotional sphere.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Over the years, fluid retention is observed in the skin of the face. This manifests itself in the form of a pasty face in the morning, puffiness under the eyes, traces from the pillow are imprinted on the face and persist for a long time. Lymphatic drainage facial massage is aimed at eliminating congestion in the face, neck and décolleté. During the procedure, the outflow of lymph improves and congestion in the form of puffiness and pastiness decreases.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage
Improving lymph drainage has a detoxifying and tonic effect.

Lymphatic drainage massage is indicated after plastic surgery to accelerate tissue healing and reduce edema.

Myofascial massage

Myofacial massage refers to deep types of massage. This procedure is aimed at increasing muscle tone and is indicated for patients with predominant deformation changes in the oval of the face. An increase in the tone of the facial muscle framework leads to an improvement in facial contours, outlining the jawline, and a decrease in the sagging of the chin and neck.

Myofascial massage
Myofascial massage activates the muscles, increases their tone, which gives quick results for tightening the skin of the face and neck.


  • inflammatory elements
  • increased skin sensitivity
  • allergic dermatitis
  • pronounced rosacea
  • violation of the integrity of the skin, etc.

Preparing for the procedure

The massage does not require any special preparation. Even in the presence of relative contraindications, the specialist will find an individual solution for each patient.

Recommendations after the procedure

The lack of rehabilitation makes facial massage an ideal treatment. After the procedure, it is not recommended to visit the sauna or take a hot bath. Considering the fact that massage of the face, neck and décolleté has a relaxing and calming effect, it is not recommended to plan important meetings, active sports and physical activity after the procedure. This will allow you to get maximum pleasure, both physical and mental state of your body.


Prices for facial massage in Kiev

Classic Facial Massage550 UAH
(excluding the Price of care)
Facial chiromassage (Spanish massage)950 UAH
Chiromassage package, includes 10 procedures9500 =8075 UAH. (saving UAH 1425)
Deep myofascial massage1200 UAH

* care, chosen during the consultation, depending on the condition of the skin and the expected results.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age can you start massage?

Facial massage is not contraindicated at any age. The technique is chosen by a specialist depending on the condition of the skin and the patient's expectations. Spanish massage and deep myofascial massage are more often performed at the age of 35 and older.

I have a rash after the oils

One of the common complaints is a rash after a face massage with oil. For patients with rash-prone skin, we have a solution - a facial massage using a special oil from the American manufacturer PCA Skin. This oil is composed of polyunsaturated oils that do not block pores, are well absorbed and have a powerful reparative effect.

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