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Freckles, age spots, red hair

Pigment spots removal

BBL Treatment of pigment spots - non-invasive procedure that allows you decrease pigment spots appearance; selectively without damaging healthy skin cells.

Pigment spots are common term, that characterizes changes in the skin with an increased formation of pigment. Despite the general external manifestations in the form of increased pigmentation, the causes of this pathology are due to various external and internal factors.


  • solar spots
  • keratosis
  • melasma
  • chloasma
  • freckles


  • pregnancy
  • lactation
  • photosensitizer
  • tan
  • common severe somatic diseases

Hyperpigmantation treatment

BBL photorejuvenation is a procedure for removing signs of photoaging with powerful light of a certain wavelength. Under the influence of powerful dosed radiation, a certain wavelength, damaged skin cells with an excess of pigment are selectively destroyed. Damaged cells are replaced by young cells with no signs of damage. The technique acts selectively, only on damaged cells, neighboring healthy cells remain intact. The patient sees bright flashes of light and does not experience discomfort during the procedure.

Pigment spots removal in progress
Recovery progress after photorejuvenation treatment. Day 0 - efelides before the procedure; Day 3 after the procedure - age spots darkened by BBL; on Day 10 after treatment, the darkened pigment spots lightened. In subsequent procedures, pale pigment spots and those that were not treated in previous procedures will be lightened.

The skin is protected from burns by a contact cooling system. The next day, the age spots darken and gradually disappear within two weeks. Removing age spots by BBL does not cause burns. After the procedure, there is no peeling of the skin, the patient can immediately apply makeup and return to his daily activities. This is a lunch break procedure. A great advantage of the Sciton BBL system is the ability to adjust the wavelength for a pigment spot of varying degrees of saturation. For dark formations, a "soft" wavelength is used which allows not to overdose energy and achieve results without side effects. Clarified in this way hyperpigmentation can be removed using a more "stiff" wavelength, which completely evens out the color of healthy and affected areas of the skin, without exposing the patient to unreasonable risk.

The BBL system allows you to choose individual treatment plane depending pigment depth and other clinical indicators.

Before and after treatment


Price for pigmented spots treatment in Kiev

Service | treatment detailsPriceDuration
Face (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)4200 UAH30 min.
Cheeks (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)2400 UAH30 min.
Nasolabial area (vascular)1300 UAH30 min.
Eye area1300 UAH30 min.
Nose + cheekbones "butterfly"2700 UAH30 min.
Neck (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)2900 UAH30 min.
Face and neck (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)5300 UAH60 min.
Decolette (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)3100 UAH30 min.
Neck + decolette (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)4900 UAH60 min.
Face, Neck, decolette (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation)6900 UAH60 min.
Back of the hands (rejuvenation, pigmentation)1800 UAH30 min.
Forearms3400 UAH30 min.
Shoulders3800 UAH30 min.
Full Hands5100 UAH30 min.
Hyperpigmentation, area with palm1800 UAH30 min.
Single pulse380 UAH20 min.


How many treatments will be needed?

It's necessary from 1 to 3 treatments to remove pigmented spots. This is individual and depends on the depth and prevalence of the process.

How fast will I see the results?

When removing age spots, the first results will be noticeable at 10-14 days.

What are photosensitizers?

Photosensitizers are substances that cause an increased sensitivity of the skin to visible and infrared light.

Photosensitizers can be pharmaceuticals grade: tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, aspirin, systemic antifungal drugs.

Plant photosensitizers: citrus fruits, St. John's wort, millet, buckwheat etc.

How long will the recovery period be?

The rehabilitation period can last from 30-60 minutes in the form of redness after the procedure to 1-3 days in the form of slight swelling.

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