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Laser hair removal for hands

Laser hair removal for hands

Laser hair removal of hands is a non-invasive treatment, during which the hair follicle is destroyed by the selective action of a laser. This leads to the cessation of hair growth in the treatment area.

Modern canons of beauty force us to follow the norms of modern society. Thanks to advances in medicine and technology, getting rid of unwanted hair is not a big problem today. You need to be patient and choose the correct epilation method.

How to get rid from the hair on the arms

Causes of hair growth

The presence of hair on the skin of the hands is a sign of hypertrichosis.

Hypertrichosis is a rare syndrome that is characterized by excessive hair growth anywhere on the body. Read in detail - hypertrichosis.

In most cases, hypertrichosis is a congenital feature of the body. The presence of hair on the hands can be inherited. In eastern countries, hypertrichosis in women is more common, which proves an ethnic connection with increased body hair growth.

In some cases, excess hair growth can appear during life and is acquired in nature. There are many reasons for acquired hair growth:

  • starvation and malnutrition
  • unhealthy diet or certain eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa
  • certain medications and medications such as hair growth medications, certain immunosuppressants and androgenic steroids
  • cancer and cell mutation
  • autoimmune and infectious diseases affecting the skin.

Methods to remove unwanted hair

There are temporary and permanent hair removal methods. Temporary methods include shaving, waxing, sugaring, etc. Temporary methods give short-term results, after which hair growth resumes.

Hair Removal on her arms, girl

Permanent hair removal - permanent hair removal. Permanent hair removal methods include electrolysis and laser hair removal.

Method of selection

Laser hair removal refers to permanent methods of hair removal on the hands. During the treatment, the hair is selectively heated by a laser beam, which leads to the destruction of the bulb and hair growth stops forever. Due to the selectivity of the action, the surrounding tissues are not damaged. This guarantees high safety. Laser hair removal has only one drawback - the impossibility of removing vellus and light hair. Due to the absence of melanin, which gives color to the hair, the laser energy is not absorbed by the hair and there is no destruction of the bulb. Hair will fall out, but its growth will resume after a while. The same applies to low power lasers.

For patients with light hair types, the only way to remove unwanted hair on the hands is electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal Zones

The prevalence of hair growth on the hands can cover one or more zones. Depending on this, the following zones are distinguished:

  • shoulders
  • forearms
  • hands
  • fingers
  • full arms


Why choose hand epilation in our clinic?

Laser hair removal of hands in our clinic is carried out using the Leaseir MHR laser, which has high power and is able to remove hair from the hands. The hair on the arms is thinner than hair on other parts of the body, so it is difficult to remove it if the laser has low power and does not have special settings for removing hair of a smaller diameter.

Our laser has a special mode that allows you to remove fine hair. This ensures that hair does not resume its growth after stopping laser hair removal treatments and money is not wasted.

Laser hair removal for hands in Venus Clinic, Kiev
Laser hair removal for hands entirely at Venus Clinic, Kiev, will only take a few minutes of your time.

The presence of a powerful skin cooling system that cools the skin down to 0 ° C makes the treatment comfortable and safe for the patient.

The gentle epilation mode is used when the patient has a low pain threshold. In this mode, epilation is painless.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • fresh tan
  • violation of the integrity of the skin, allergic rashes
  • reception photosensitizers
  • fever, epilepsy, severe systemic diseases
  • visit to the solarium within 2 weeks before the treatment

Preparing for the treatment

Do not sunbathe or visit the solarium for at least two weeks before the treatment.

It is necessary to prepare for laser hair removal of hands 1 day before the visit. In the area of ​​the proposed treatment, it is necessary to shave off the hair. Avoid cuts. To do this, use foam that will improve glide. After shaving, rinse your skin thoroughly with water to remove any remaining foam and apply a light moisturizer to avoid skin irritation.

There is a perception that frequent shaving enhances hair growth. This is not how shaving does not enhance hair growth. There is no danger in this.

Recommendations after the treatment

After the treatment, no special care is required, our specialist will apply you a soothing cream after laser hair removal. EpiCalm will reduce irritation after laser exposure and moisturize the skin. It should be remembered that after the treatment it is not recommended:
  • take a bath in the first days
  • wipe the skin with alcohol-based lotions
  • sunbathe for 3 months - for this purpose it is recommended to apply SP-action sunscreen!


Prices laser hair removal for hands in Kiev

Full arms
(including hands, forearm, shoulders)
950 UAH30 minutes
ShouldersUAH 50030 minutes
ForearmUAH 62030 minutes
Hands (including fingers)UAH 32015 minutes
Fingers of the handsUAH 20010 minutes
Single pulse60 UAH 
Numbing cream15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

For prices for other zones and their combinations, see the section -laser hair removal.

ATTENTION! Shaving of large areas is not performed in the clinic, the patient needs to shave his hair before the visit.

* Laser hair removal at Venus Clinic, Kiev, prices are valid from January 1, 2021.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will be required?

It usually takes 4 to 6 laser hair removal treatments to completely stop hair growth.

Can I do wax depilation?

Depilation is contraindicated before the treatment, otherwise laser hair removal of the hands will be ineffective. You can shave your hands between laser hair removal sessions, this is not contraindicated and will not affect the quality of the treatment.

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