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Nail Fungus laser treatment NeoNail

Nail fungus laser treatment

Laser treatment of nail fungus - non-invasive laser treatment. During treatment, laser beam destroys the fungus at the root of the nail, which leads to the cleansing of the nails from fungal lesions.

Advantages of laser treatment

The use of systemic antifungal agents is accompanied by many side effects, and topical application is not always effective. The treatment of nail fungus by laser is non-toxic and is safe for the body.

  • high efficacy, at 80-100%
  • safety - the nails are not damaged
  • not toxic to the body
  • no medication is needed
  • no pain


Confirmed diagnosis of nail fungus and / or feet.


The treatment is well tolerated and carries no risk to the body.


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • violation of skin integrity at treatment area
  • taking photosensitizers
  • fever, epilepsy, severe systemic diseases

Onychomycosis - it is an infectious disease that affects the nail plate. Initially, onychomycosis may appear as white or yellow spots. The nail plate may peel off, crumble. As the disease progresses, the entire nail plate may be affected and may eventually result in the loss of the nail plate. A patient suffering from onychomycosis can be a source of infection for others. The infection can be transmitted through slippers, rugs, bathroom floors, etc. Onychomycosis is combined with foot mycosis.

Laser treatment of onychomycosis

The technique is that during the procedure the laser beam enters the nail and destroys the fungus. Laser beam penetrates deep, not only in the nail plate but also in the nail matrix. As the nail grows, the plate is gradually replaced by a healthy one. During treatment, the patient feels intense heat. The nail plate remains intact. Treatment of the fungus is carried out by a course, from 3-4 procedures with one month interval.

Onychomycosis treatment is an effective solution even for patients with long-standing illness.

Laser treatments of Onychomycosis is an independent procedure and does not require the use of antifungal agents. But if you are already taking antifungal medications, this is not a contraindication and treatment may be combined with a laser.


We use a modern high-intensity medical laser NeoNail from Danish company MedArt, which is registered with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and has all the necessary permits.

Preparation for the treatment

Before visiting laser treatment, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your feet in warm soapy water. If the plate of the affected nails is thickened, it must be cut with a saw to make the thickness not more than 1-2 mm. It is not necessary to remove the nail plate completely, as this will injure the nail bed and disrupt the growth process. Before the procedure, it is necessary to remove the varnish and apply it as rarely as possible during the whole course of treatment with a fungus laser.

What to expect

The treatment lasts 15-20 minutes, there is intense heat. There is no recovery time, the patient immediately returns to own liestyle.

Recommendations after treatment

During the treatment of nail fungus and after the course, a number of preventive measures should be taken:

  • shoes should be comfortable, made of "breathable" materials, so as not to injure the nail plate;
  • it is forbidden to apply varnish, it creates a "greenhouse effect" in the nail plate, which stimulates the spread of the fungus;
  • shoes should be treated with antifungal agents to prevent re-infection of the nails;
  • socks should be washed at 60 °C;
  • do not use other people's shoes in showers and pools; this can lead to infection;
  • thoroughly dry the surface of the nails after taking a shower before putting on socks and shoes.

For more detailed recommendations for post-treatment prevention, see your doctor for advice.


Price for nail fungus treatment in Kiev

  Price Duration
Laser treatment of toenail and hand nail fungus (price for 1 procedure, 20 fingers are processed) 1400 UAH 40 min.
Laser treatment of toenail fungus (price for 1 procedure, 10 toes are treated) 1000 UAH 20 min.
Laser treatment of hand nail fungus (price for 1 procedure, 10 fingers are processed) 800 UAH 15 min.
Laser treatment of toenail and hand nail fungus, repeated course procedure (price for 1 procedure, 20 fingers) 700 UAH 40 min.
Laser treatment of toenail fungus, repeated course procedure (price for 1 procedure, 10 fingers) 500 UAH 20 min.
Laser treatment of hand nail fungus, repeated course procedure (price for 1 procedure, 10 fingers) 400 UAH 15 min.


Can I Get Pregnant?

No, it is recommended to carry out the laser procedure after delivery, when the immunity is restored, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective.

I have 1 nail affected. Why treat the 10?

This is the most common question we are asked. According to the treatment protocols onychomycosis is performed on 10 fingers, carefully treating the plates. This is due to the fact that the infection may be present on the adjacent fingers, but without visible signs of damage to the nails. Occasionally, when patients who have been treated with a 1 nail laser have a fungal infection on the other fingers by the end of the course of the procedure, they often occur. In addition, it is absolutely safe for a healthy nail.

How many procedures are needed?

Each case is individual and depends on the patient's state of health, the duration of the disease, the extent of the lesion and the associated pathologies. Usually, treatment consists of 4 treatments for onychomycosis.

Will this procedure help me?

The results of treatment are individual. Changes in the nail plate with external signs of onychomycosis can be caused by other diseases with nail lesions, such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. If it is not a fungal infection, laser treatment of the nail fungus will be ineffective. If the patient is diagnosed with laboratory onychomycosis by a laboratory method, the effectiveness of treatment will be 80-100%. It should also be noted that onychomycosis can be provoked and maintained: circulatory disorders in the feet (vascular disease, high blood pressure, tight shoes, etc.), increased sweating, decreased immunity, increased blood sugar, metabolic disorders - manifestations of comorbidities.

It hurts?

No, treating onychomycosis with NeoNail does not cause discomfort. During the procedure, heat is felt in the area of the procedure.

Is it necessary to make a laboratory diagnosis of nail fungus?

It is not necessary to test for mycosis, since the available and common KOH test has a sensitivity slightly above 50%, and the test with a sensitivity of 99% is comparable to the cost of several onychomycosis treatments.

Therefore, in the US and the UK, doctors practice the scheme: "suspected nail fungus? - start treat", because the cost of treatment is comparable to the cost of quality laboratory diagnostics. In the case of a laser, this is doubly justified as laser treatment is non-toxic and safe for the body.

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