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Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal for bikini will get rid of unwanted hair in the intimate area forever, there will be no need to shave, as well as unpleasant consequences such as ingrown hairs and irritation of delicate skin in this area.

The problem of hair removal in the intimate area

Modern social norms do not accept the presence of hair in the bikini area along the line of the swimming trunks, which forces you to do wax depilation, remove hair by shaving. This often causes such unpleasant consequences as skin irritation, which, with constant friction with panties, aggravates the situation and can even lead to inflammation (the appearance of pustules on the skin).

bikini hair removal
After shaving, skin inflammation often occurs and inflamed bumps may appear - ingrown hairs. Subsequently, this can lead to age spots.

Solve your problem with laser hair removal

Bikini laser hair removal is today the ideal solution to the problem of unwanted hair in the intimate area. The laser acts on the hair follicle and destroys it. This leads to the cessation of hair growth. After each epilation, 30% of the hair is removed. 4-6 treatments are enough to stop hair growth. This solves the problem of hygiene in this area. No more waxing and shaving.

 Laser hair removal for bikini, girl tans, pool, water


There are 2 main areas of hair removal in the bikini area, depending on the volume of the treatment.

Classic Bikini

Classic bikini - is a hair removal along the swimming trunks. The name speaks for itself - the natural result of the lack of growth is achieved where the hair is most often shaved. This achieves a hygienic effect. You will forget about irritation, ingrown hairs and skin inflammation forever.

Laser hair removal - bikini areas
The classic bikini is done along the swim line, while the deep bikini includes areas such as pubic hair removal, panty lines, labia, inter-gluteal folds.

Deep bikini

Deep bikini laser hair removal involves a larger volume of hair removal than the classic one. Hair is removed completely over the entire intimate area, including laser hair removal of the pubis, labia and on the intergluteal fold. Thus, we completely get rid of unwanted hair in the intimate area.

Hair removal for men

Social trends in hygiene and beauty have not passed by men. Laser hair removal for men is also popular. The reasons are the same as for women: hygiene and aesthetic appearance. Also, in men, there is a classic and deep bikini (the treatment includes hair removal of the pubis, scrotum, part of the penis, intergluteal fold).



  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • fresh tan
  • skin damage, allergies
  • reception of photosensitizers
  • fever, severe illness
  • visit to the solarium within 2 weeks prior to hair removal

Preparing for the treatment

The treatment requires preparation. On the eve of the treatment, treat with an antiseptic solution and shave the skin in the area of ​​the treatment. Razor movement should be against hair growth to reduce irritation. Try to avoid cutting your skin.

Recommendations after the treatment

  • no bath after epilation
  • Apply SPF 30+ for 3 months
  • do not sunbathe in the treatment area for 3 months


The price bikini hair removal in Kiev

Package Madrid: armpits + full bikini + shins2250=2000 UAH.60 minutes
Package Barcelona: underarms + full bikini1380=UAH 110045 minutes
Bikini BottomsUAH 50020 minutes
Full bikini area
(pubis, labia, intergluteal fold)
990 UAH30 minutes
Intergluteal fold490 UAH20 minutes
Men's bikini "Estet"
(pubis, partly penis)
1300 UAH30 minutes
Men's full bikini
(pubis, part of the penis, scrotum, intergluteal fold)
UAH 160045 minutes
Buttocks for womenUAH 54030 minutes
Buttocks for menUAH 100040 minutes
Single pulse60 UAH 
Pain relief15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

ATTENTION! The clinic does not shave before the laser hair removal treatment, you need to prepare for the treatment the day before.

For details on prices by zone, see the section - Laser hair removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

The bikini area is rich in nerve receptors. During epilation in the bikini area, the Leaseir laser uses cryo-anesthesia by cooling the skin down to 0 ° C. If the patient has a low pain threshold, anesthetic may be applied. It is recommended to do this during the first deep bikini hair removal treatment in order to assess your pain threshold. According to patients' reviews, laser hair removal using our laser is quite comfortable and in most cases patients do not see the need to use it during subsequent sessions.

How many treatments will be required?

You will see the result after the first treatment. Laser hair removal in the bikini area allows you to quickly get rid of unwanted hair, since a larger percentage of hair (30%) is removed in one treatment than, for example, on legs (20%). Therefore, after the 4th treatment, you will see that most of the hair has been removed. Subsequent treatments will remove the remaining hair. After a course of laser hair removal, we recommend supporting treatments with an interval of 6-8 months.

Can ingrown hair be treated?

Definitely Yes. Laser hair removal is the only way to get rid of the problem of ingrown hairs in the bikini area, and the treatment can be performed in the presence of ingrown hairs. Epilation will prevent future ingrown hairs.

When preparing for epilation, be careful when shaving off where there are ingrown hairs so as not to injure your skin. After shaving, treat your skin with chlorhexidine or an alcohol solution to avoid irritation and inflammation.

Can hair growth resume after laser hair removal?

Yes, hair growth can resume in the bikini area.

This is due to the fact that the bikini and genital area belongs to the so-called hormone-sensitive areas. Under the influence of sex hormones or when their level fluctuates, the dormant bulbs can be activated, which can lead to the appearance of hair, since the laser cannot remove the dormant bulbs due to the lack of pigment in them. This will appear as the appearance of single hairs.

Therefore, after a course of laser hair removal, it is recommended to undergo maintenance treatments every 6-8 months.

What will I see after the first treatment?

After the treatment, you can sometimes see redness around the hair stumps. This is normal and indicates that the hair has responded to the laser. Redness disappears within 1-2 days.

After 10-14 days, you can see how the reacted hairs are pushed out of the skin. This is often perceived as hair regrowth and is misleading. You can make sure of this by easily pulling the hair - it will easily come off.

After 4-6 weeks, you will see the appearance of new hairs from the bulbs, which were inactive during the epilation and did not react to the laser action. This will be the signal for a visit to the next session of laser hair removal.

Can waxing be done between treatments?

Yes, you can safely do wax depilation, shave the area between treatments. This will not affect the quality of the treatment in any way.

WARNING! Wax depilation must be stopped 2-3 weeks before the next visit for laser hair removal, otherwise the treatment will be ineffective. You can shave your hair instead one hundred wax depilation.

An alternative to shaving can be chemical depilation products, which soften the hair on the surface of the skin, which allows you to remove the damaged hair with a napkin. This method is indicated for frequent cuts when shaving.

Is laser treatment harmful?

This is a myth, laser hair removal is safe for the body, since the effect of the laser is selectively directed at hair melanin. The penetration depth of the laser beam is 3-7 mm from the skin surface and cannot cause harm even when epilating the scrotum in men. The laser beam does not affect other anatomical structures of the skin and organs that are projected under the skin, so the harmfulness of laser hair removal is a myth.

Can hair growth increase?

No, but he is observing the phenomenon of a paradoxical increase in hair growth. This happens after 2-3 treatments. After a progressive decrease in hair growth, with each subsequent treatment of laser hair removal, an increase in their number is observed by 3-4 treatments. This is normal and is a sign of a tipping point. After the next treatment, you will see that the hair growth has practically stopped. A maintenance course of bikini laser hair removal will control hair growth while keeping the skin smooth without unwanted hair. Maintenance treatments are carried out every 6-8 months, depending on the physiology of hair growth.

Can be combined with depilatory creams?

There are various depilatory creams:

  1. Damages hair on the surface of the skin, similar to shaving, by chemical destruction of the hair.
  2. They inhibit hair growth.

In the first case, the cream can be applied before hair removal, since the effect is similar to shaving. In the second case, no, because the hair will not grow and the treatment will be ineffective.

Combination with other treatments

Works with most treatments. If you are undergoing other treatments in this area, please inform your specialist before your laser hair removal treatment. Any treatments with a violation of the integrity of the skin or a rehabilitation period should not be combined with hair removal. The treatment can be done no earlier than 1-2 weeks after the end of rehabilitation.

Laser hair removal for blonde hair

No, the laser removes only dark hair with sufficient melanin (the pigment that gives dark hair color). Often, the hair in the labia area looks lighter than it actually is. This is due to the lightening effect of urea on the hair. This does not in any way affect the color of the hair in the depths of the skin and the quality of the laser treatment.

Is it possible to have a tattoo treatment?

No, laser exposure can change the color of the tattoo and cause skin burns. Therefore, epilation is not carried out in the place where the tattoo is present. As a rule, at least 5 mm recede from the tattoo.

A tattoo, like a hair, absorbs laser radiation, which heats up and destroys the tattoo ink.

If you have removed the tattoo, then you can carry out the treatment without restrictions.

If a dark tattoo is camouflaged by another tattoo in skin color - be sure to inform the specialist about it, otherwise there may be a skin burn in this place during the treatment.

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