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Laser hair removal for legs

Laser hair removal for legs

Laser hair removal of legs will always allow you to have perfect and smooth skin without pain, extra effort and cuts

Open clothes brought smooth skin without hair into fashion. Laser hair removal on legs is one of the most demanded treatments all over the world. There are many reasons for this.

Firstly, it is very practical and convenient when, after a course of laser hair removal of the legs, there is no need to shave the legs or do wax depilation with all the ensuing consequences.

Laser hair removal for legs

Secondly, some people have a genetically determined feature that manifests itself in increased growth of hair on the legs. This is typical for Eastern and Asian races, which forces almost 100% of women to resort to laser hair removal. This explains the high demand for the treatment in these countries.

The most effective and at the same time the safest choice is laser hair removal of the legs. It is referred to as a permanent hair removal technique, which means getting rid of unwanted hair for a long period.

Laser hair removal for legs

Before the laser hair removal treatment, the skin phototype is determined and the parameters of the treatment are selected. A transparent gel is applied to the skin, which improves the glide of the laser emitter on the skin, and also improves heat transfer, helping to cool the skin. The laser beam has a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the hair melanin. Due to the selective absorption by melanin, the hair stump, which remains in the skin after shaving, heats up. The rest of the hair is heated and heats up the hair follicle (hair follicle) from which the hair grows.

hair removal legs
Laser hair removal has become one of the unspoken social norms of the modern girl.

Heating the hair follicle destroys the cells that support hair growth and stops hair growth. Thus, the laser selectively affects the hair and destroys the growth zone, which leads to the cessation of hair growth. The remaining hairline comes out within two weeks and no more hair grows in this area. Often, the appearance of a penile is mistaken for the restoration of hair growth. But this is not so, and you can easily make sure of this by slightly pulling on the hair - the hair is easily separated from the skin.

laser hair removal of the lower leg
Laser hair removal of the lower leg will allow you to be irresistible and not shy of open clothes.

Hair removal areas for legs

There are three main areas of laser hair removal for legs: thighs, knees and feet.

Leg epilation areas
Do more - pay less - see special offers on laser hair removal in the pricing section.

Safety and comfort

The cooling of the skin during the laser hair removal treatment is provided by a sapphire crystal. Artificially grown sapphire is used in lasers because of its ideal optical properties and also because of its high thermal conductivity. Sapphire crystal helps to cool the skin during laser flashes, protecting it from burns and providing comfort while epilating on the legs.



  • pregnancy
  • allergies, violation of the integrity of the skin in the place where laser hair removal is supposed
  • breastfeeding
  • taking of photosensitizers
  • impaired wound healing
  • tendency to scarring

Preparing for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal of legs requires preliminary preparation. One day before the visit for the treatment, you must shave your legs. When shaving, the movements of the razor should be directed against the growth of the hair. Be gentle and avoid cuts. After shaving, treat your feet with an antiseptic to prevent irritation and inflammation before epilating your legs.

Recommendations after the treatment

Finish the epilation treatment, the beautician will apply a soothing cream to the legs, which will relieve irritation and moisturize the skin. This evening, you should refrain from bathing, limit yourself to taking a shower with not hot water, and also do not apply alcohol containing lotions or tonics to your feet.

laser hair removal legs
It is recommended not to sunbathe for 3 months and to apply sunscreen SPF 30+ to the skin of the feet when going outside. This is important for the prevention of age spots.


Price laser hair removal for legs in Kiev 

Package Madrid: armpits + full bikini + shins2250=2000 UAH.60 minutes
Package Valencia: armpits + shins1260=1050 UAH45 minutes
Legs (full)1800 UAH45 minutes
Hips950 UAH30 minutes
Hips + Knees990 UAH30 minutes
Inner thighsUAH 50030 minutes
Shins870 UAH30 minutes
Shins + knees950 UAH40 minutes
Knees280 UAH20 minutes
Back of feet
(including toes)
UAH 32015 minutes
Toes250 UAH10 minutes
Single pulse60 UAH 
Pain relief15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

ATTENTION! Shaving of large areas is not performed in the clinic, the patient needs to shave his hair before the visit.

For details on prices by zone, see the section - Laser hair removal.

* Laser hair removal at Venus Clinic, Kiev, prices are valid from October 1, 2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will you need?

It will take 4 to 8 treatments to completely stop hair growth. It depends on the characteristics of the body, hormonal levels.

In one epilation treatment, you can remove no more than 20-30% of hair that is in the stage of active growth.

How old is the treatment?

There is no age limit for laser hair removal. Do not forget that during puberty, hair growth may resume due to hormonal changes.

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