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Mesotherapy treatment

The Aesthetic Mesotherapy Treatment in Kiev

Mesotherapy is an injection technique based on the intradermal and subcutaneous administration of micro-doses of drugs, both strictly regionally and at a distance from the focus, in order to obtain a pharmacological effect from the drug, and also the effect of physical stimulation with a needle.

The main advantage of mesotherapy is the deep introduction of medicinal solutions, which cannot be achieved by applying creams.

Mesotherapy is a medical grade treatment and is carried out in compliance with the rules of asepsis.

Mesotherapy treatment principle

The concept of mesotherapy was introduced by the French physician Pistor in the 50s. Pistor himself admitted that an invention often turns out to be just a new look at things that have long been known. Today mesotherapy is used in more than 40 countries in the world. The popularity of the procedure is growing due to its high efficiency.

The injection route of administration of drugs has a greater bioavailability and less systemic effect on the body. In addition to the active ingredients that make up mesotherapy drugs, this technique also has a reflex stimulating effect. The composition of drugs for mesotherapy depends on the direction of the procedure and the goals set by the specialist and the patient.

Mesotherapy treatment in Kiev
Mesotherapy is performed with a disposable sterile syringe and sterile disposable needles. The skin is treated with an antiseptic solution. Depending on which layer of the skin or subcutaneous fatty tissue is targeted, one or another mesotherapy technique is used. After the procedure, the patient can return to their daily activities.

The Aesthetic Indications for mesotherapy

The range of indications for mesotherapy is very wide in various fields of medicine (rheumatology, neurology, sports medicine, etc.).

  • anti-aging
  • fight against localized fatty deposits
  • cellulite
  • reduction of skin turgor
  • wrinkle correction
  • hyperpigmentation
  • spider veins
  • scars
  • stretch marks
  • acne disease
  • alopecia areata - hair loss.


  • individual drug intolerance
  • exacerbation of somatic diseases
  • oncological diseases
  • blood clotting disorders
  • pregnancy
  • autoimmune diseases
  • skin diseases at the injection site.

The anti-aging mesotherapy

Most often, mesotherapy is used to affect the deep layer of the skin - the dermis, which gives density, firmness and elasticity to our skin. A decrease in the content of collagen and elastin in the skin leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging skin. In this case, mesotherapy allows you to activate the skin's own fibroblasts and stimulate the synthesis of its own collagen.

Body Contouring Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is successfully used to combat local fatty deposits and cellulite. Creams, lotions and other topical agents do not penetrate well through the skin and cannot reach the subcutaneous fat cells for maximum effect. Mesotherapy, on the other hand, allows you to inject the drug directly into the target.

The Stretch Marks Mesotherapy

With stretch marks, mesotherapy will help to increase the density of the skin, improve skin appearance in stretch marks  areas. Improving the nutrition of the epidermis will make the border between striae and the unaffected skin area invisible.

The Age Spots Mesotherapy

In cases of hyperpigmentation, mesotherapy will treat deep pigment as melasma and chloasma. Skin care can't penetrate deep layers of skin due epidermal barrier. Microinjections during mesotherapy delivers active ingredients as deep as we need for success treatment. Vitamin C and Tranexamic Acid dramatically improve skin tone and decrease pigment spots appearance.

The Acne Mesotherapy

In case of acne, it increases the immune system of the skin, reducing the frequency of acne breakouts.

The Venus Clinic uses medications from Toscana, Caregen, French Laboratoir, Mesoline.

Preparing for the treatment

No special preparation required.

Recommendations after mesotherapy

  • it is not recommended to visit the sauna for 1-3 days
  • it is not recommended to sunbathe for 1 to 3 weeks
  • Apply SPF 30+ in Spring/Summer


Mesotherapy prices in Kiev

Service & treatment detailsPriceDuration
Lipolytic cocktail Slimming/Lipo UAH 125060 minutes
Lipolytic cocktail Slimming/Lipo (bundle #3 treat.)UAH 320060 minutes
Skin Firming & Lipo UAH 140060 minutes
Skin Firming & Lipo (bundle #3 treat.)UAH 380060 minutes
Lipo: Slimming+Firming+MetabolitesUAH 240060 minutes
Lipo: Slimming+Firming+Metabolites (bundle #3 treat.)UAH 650060 minutes
HairVital hair growth restorationUAH 140060 minutes
RRS EyesUAH 130060 minutes
Anti-cellulite cocktailUAH 120060 minutes
Striae treatment using Plinest OneUAH 130060 minutes
Hyperpigmentation lightening using MeLineUAH 120060 minutes
Augmentation hypercorrection treatment using Hyaluronidase UAH 135060 minutes
Face Nade1300 UAH60 minutes

* prices for body injections are indicated starting from 5 ml of the injectables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

A local anesthetic is applied prior to the procedure to relieve pain. The injections are carried out with thin needles that cause a minimum of discomfort.

Is it harmful?

No, it's safe. For mesotherapy, vitamins and minerals are used that cannot harm the body.

What is included in mesotherapy?

The composition of meso cocktails can include from two to fifty components, depending on the purpose of the procedure and the desired end result.

  • Hyaluronic acid(HA) is the basis of most meso cocktails. With age, the natural production of HA by our body decreases, this becomes the main cause of dryness, decreased turgor, elasticity, firmness of the skin and, as a result, the formation of wrinkles and creases. The HA in meso cocktails replenishes the lack of HA in our body, fills and restores the lost volume of the skin, gives it radiance and freshness.
  • Vitamins are often used in meso cocktails. Depending on the direction of the treatment, this can be vitamin C - in the treatment of pigmentation, vitamins A and E (tocopherol), for rejuvenation, restoration and retention of moisture in the skin, B vitamins to increase the skin immunity. Vitamin cocktails are excellent antioxidant support for skin, hair and body.
  • Microelements are a group of magnesium and silicon salts that provide optimal nutrition and regeneration of cells, as well as increase the elasticity, firmness and turgor of the skin.
  • Acids - stimulate skin cells, increase collagen and elastin production, accelerate keratinization, allowing healthy cells to move faster to the surface, improving skin texture, quality and color.
  • Herbal ingredients is a powerful tool in meso cocktails that has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerating effect.

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