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Acne treatment Forever Clear BBL girl blonde hair

Acne treatment Forever Clear BBL

Acne treatment Forever Clear BBL™ - a non-invasive laser technique that destroys (sterilizes) the bacteria that cause acne inflammation, the procedure also restores the skin's own protective functions. Quickly relieves inflammation and leads to rapid, persistent acne remission.


  • non invasive
  • safe - no medication, absence of toxic effect on the body

Acne is a chronic, genetically caused sebaceous disease associated with their increased activity in response to stimulation by androgens.

How it works?

High-intensity light from the Sciton BBL system destroys propionobacteria, which cause inflammation in acne, thus "sterilizing" the elements of acne. After the treatment, the number of inflamatory acnes is reduced and the duration of remission between exacerbations is extended.


  • do not sunbathe during a month, do not using selftanning
  • do not take retinols for a month
  • do not take photosensitizing drugs:
    • antibiotics, antifungal drugs, fluoroquinolones
    • aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs
    • vitamin A
  • do not take anticoagulants
  • do not take alcogol
  • abstain from smoking

After treatment recommendations

  • within 3 days after the procedure:
    • do not drink
    • abstain from smoking
    • do not take anticoagulants
    • don't take a hot bath
    • do not steam your face and/or legs
    • do not play sports
  • do not sunbathe for 1-3 months after treatment
  • apply sunscreen SPF 30+ during 1-3 months after treatment

Before & after


Price for acne treatment in Kiev

  Price Duration
BBL facial acne treatment 1200 UAH 20 min.
BBL acne treatment - decollete 1100 UAH 30 min.
BBL acne treatment face & neck 1500 UAH 30 min.
BBL acne treatment face & neck & decollete 2100 UAH 60 min.
BBL treatment of a single acne inflammatory element 200 UAH 15 min.
BBL acne treatment, 1 zone 1000 UAH 20 min.
Forever Clear BBL    
Face 1600 UAH 30 min.
Decolette 1300 UAH 30 min.
Face & Neck 2000 UAH 40 min.
Face & Neck & Decolette 2500 UAH 60 min.
1 zone (the palm area) 1200 UAH 20 min.


How fast will the result be seen?

You will see results within a few hours after treatment. You will see this by reducing redness of acne.

How often should procedures be performed?

The procedures are performed 1-2 times a week, depending on the severity of acne. Usually the course of treatment lasts 2-3 weeks.

Can acne come back after treatment course?

Forever Clear BBL treatment "sterilize" inflammatory elements, it also restores skin's immunity. Therefore, the results obtained are stored after the procedure. Due to the fact that acne is a hormone-related disease, inflamatory acne may occur in the future. In order to prevent acne in the future, our doctors will choose supportive therapy individually.

Which skin care product you recommend?

We use professional skin care products from PCA Skin, USA in our practice, they allow you to choose individual care, depending on your skin type, duration and severity of the disease.

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