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Vascular removal using laser VariMed in Venus Clinic, Kiev
Venus Clinic

Vascular removal

BBL and laser vascular removal is a non-invasive procedure without compromising the integrity of the skin.

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  • non-invasively
  • high efficiency
  • safely
  • treat different types of vessels
  • without damaging healthy tissues

Vascular laser treatment how it works?

During treatment, the laser energy has a direct effect on blood hemoglobin. This causes heat up the wall of the vessels. The wall of the vessels contract and sclerosis. Within a few weeks, the vessels lyse cells of the immune system.

Laser effects only on pathologically altered vessels. Healthy tissues remain intact, as laser energy is directed only to the vessel wall. The final results after removal can be evaluated in 2-4 weeks.

Which method is better

Depending on the type, localization on the body, the size and depth of the occurrence, the method for removal will be chosen. Experience with various types of lasers and broadband light has enabled us to choose the most effective and safe techniques.

What types of vascular pathology do we remove?

In our clinic, we perform the removal of almost all types of pathological vessels on the face, body and legs, with the exception of varicose veins, which are removed only by surgical or endovascular sclerosis.


Rosacea looks like red spots on the face. At high magnification, a small mesh of enlarged capillaries will be noticeable. Subsequently, vessels may appear on a background of red spots - a combination of rosacea and couperose. We use the BBL Sciton system for this type of vessel.

Cuperose or telangiectasia

Cuperosis (telangiectasias) - benign vascular neoplasms represented by single or multiple dilated vessels. Depending on the diameter, their number, a laser or BBL is used. The number of procedures is individual, usually 1 to 3 procedures are needed.

Spider veins treatment

It got its name from its appearance. Spider veins appear as a bright red dot in the center from which small vessels in the form of rays extend. Localization - face, hands. This is a benign neoplasm, refers to telangiectasias; after removal of blood vessels by laser techniques, scarring is not observed, in contrast to the radio wave knife.

Spider veins laser removal VariMed, Denmark
Spider veins (telangiectasia). Before and immediately after the VariMed laser treatment.

Brocken veins on legs

Spider veins on the legs are dilated blue veins that are visible on the surface of the skin. Removal is carried out using a MedArt VariMed laser, Denmark, with a cooling system that protects the skin from burns during exposure to a laser beam.

Cherry angioma

Cherry angioma - a type of hemangioma, which is a rounded formation on the skin flush with the skin or sometimes rising above the surface of the skin. The size of a ruby body can be from a match head to 1 cm in diameter. Removal is carried out on a VariMed laser and BBL.


  • Telangiectasias (Couperosis)
  • Rosacea
  • Haemangiomas
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Spider veins


There are a number of internal and external factors that lead to the appearance of dilated vessels. Of the environmental factors, these are: exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun, temperature changes, frequent skin injuries, etc. Internal factors include: the hormonal system changes, liver disease, chronic inflammatory skin diseases (acne).

How to prepare for the procedure

It's necessary takes some rules, before visit laser removal.

  • do not sunbathe during a month, do not using selftanning
  • do not take retinols for a month
  • do not take photosensitizing drugs:
    • antibiotics, antifungal drugs, fluoroquinolones
    • aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs
    • vitamin A
  • do not take anticoagulants
  • do not take alcogol
  • abstain from smoking

After treatment recommendations

  • within 3 days after the procedure:
    • do not drink
    • abstain from smoking
    • do not take anticoagulants
    • don't take a hot bath
    • do not steam your face and/or legs
    • do not play sports
  • do not sunbathe for 1-3 months after treatment
  • apply sunscreen SPF 30+ during 1-3 months after treatment


Price for vascular removal in Kiev

Vascular removal per 1 см²700 UAH40 min.
Spider veins laser removal550 UAH10 min.
Vascular ruby body (cherry angioma)550 UAH10 min.
Dilated vessels of the legs, 1 area = the palm area2000 UAH20 min.
vascular removal on the Face using BBL (full face)4200 грн.30 min.
BBL cheeks2400 грн.30 min.
BBL nasolabial area1300 грн.30 min.
BBL nose + cheekbones "butterfly"2700 грн.30 min.
BBL neck2900 грн.30 min.
BBL Face and neck5300 грн.60 min.
BBL decolette3100 грн.30 min.
BBL neck + decolette4900 грн.60 min.
BBL Face, neck, décolleté6900 грн.60 min.
BBL vessels removal with palm area2100 грн.30 min.
BBL single pulse380 UAH 15 min.


How many treatments will be needed?

Each case is individual. Usually, 1 to 3 procedures are required to remove the vessel. This is individual and depends on the depth and prevalence of the process.

When I'll see results?

You will immediately see the results - the disappearance or decrease in the number of vessels. The final results after the first procedure can be evaluated no earlier than 10-14 days on the face and no earlier than 3-4 weeks on the feet. Until complete disappearance, fragments of the vessel can be observed, which is often misleading.

Is vascular removal harmful?

Laser and BBL vascular treatment is absolutely harmless for the body. For this, radiation of the visible and infrared ranges is used, which is absolutely harmless to the body. We treat only brocken and affected vasculars.

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