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Laser hair removal of the abdomen

Laser hair removal of the abdomen

Laser epilation of the abdomen will remove unwanted hair permanently, leaving the skin smooth and eliminating the need to depilate or shave in this area. Your tummy will be perfect!

White line of the abdomen - the line that runs from the sternum through the navel to the pubis, has a hairline and, depending on genetic characteristics, it can be both light, barely noticeable hairs, and black hair. In some cases, dark hair can grow on the sides of the white line. For many, this is a cause of discomfort.

Laser hair removal for abdomen

Epilation will solve the problem of unwanted abdominal hair growth forever. The laser beam acts on the hair melanin, selectively heats it and destroys the hair follicle (hair follicle). After that, hair growth stops.

stomach laser hair removal
Often, the hair is visible only along the line from the navel to the pubis along the so-called white line of the abdomen.

No more than 20% of hair can be removed in one treatment. The laser removes only those hairs that are in the active growth phase (anagen period). The remaining 80%, which are in the dormant stage, may be removed when they pass from the dormant stage to the active growth phase. Therefore, laser hair removal treatments are carried out at a certain frequency, making intervals of 6-8 weeks between treatments in order to give the sleeping follicles the opportunity to move into the phase of active growth. To completely stop hair growth, a total of 4 to 8 treatments may be required.

Treatment areas

Laser epilation of the abdomen includes two main areas. This is a white line - the line from the sternum to the pubis (more often epilation is required in the area below the navel), as well as the entire abdomen.

Laser hair removal of the abdomen
On final visits, when laser hair removal is aimed at removing single residual hair, it is more profitable to calculate the cost by flash (see prices below).



  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • allergy in the treatment area, violation of the integrity of the skin
  • a fresh tan or a visit to the solarium
  • taking drugs photosensitizers that increase skin sensitivity to radiation

Preparing for laser hair removal

Before laser hair removal, you must shave off your abdominal hair. When shaving, move the razor against the growth of the hair, avoid skin cuts. Treat the skin with chlorhexidine or another commercially available antiseptic to avoid skin irritation and inflammation. If you have a tan and your skin color is darker than usual for your phototype, then it is recommended to use scrubs to accelerate exfoliation and brighten skin tone 2-3 weeks before treatment.

Recommendations after the treatment

After the treatment, a moisturizing cream is applied to the skin, which removes redness and irritation of the skin, promotes quick recovery after the treatment. For 1-3 months it is recommended not to sunbathe in the treatment area and to apply sunscreen with SPF 30+.


Prices for abdomen laser hair removal in Kiev

White line of abdomenUAH 32020 minutes
AreolasUAH 32015 minutes
Women's back (including shoulder girdle)950 UAH45 minutes
Men's backUAH 135045 minutes
Male stomachUAH 110030 minutes
Female abdomenUAH 62020 minutes
Single pulse60 UAH 
Numbing cream15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

ATTENTION! Shaving of large areas is not performed in the clinic, the patient needs to shave his hair before the visit.

For details on prices by zone, see the section - Laser hair removal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will you need?

Epilation involves 4 to 8 treatments until the hair stops completely. This is individual and depends on the hormonal background, hair color and phototype of your skin. After the course, supportive treatments may be required at intervals of 6-12 months to remove single hair.

Is laser hair removal indicated for nursing?

No, laser hair removal is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Despite the fact that during pregnancy and lactation there is an increase in hair growth in the nipple area, the white line, you should still refuse to epilate the abdomen during this period for two reasons.

The first is associated with the natural increase in skin pigmentation during pregnancy and lactation. This is a natural process caused by hormonal changes in the body, but can lead to skin burns during the treatment.

The second reason is hormonal. Even if you do laser hair removal during pregnancy and lactation, hair growth will resume under the influence of sex hormones and the effect of complete cessation of hair growth will not be achieved.

We recommend that you resume the course of laser hair removal after the termination of breastfeeding, when the menstrual cycle and the natural hormones of the body are restored. Often, after the cessation of breastfeeding, hair growth decreases to its original state and there is no need for laser hair removal.

Does it hurt?

On the abdomen, the skin has a large number of nerve endings and in some patients in this area the pain threshold may be reduced. The first treatment in this case can be performed under local anesthesia. As a rule, you will not need to spend time on pain relief for repeated treatments, since you will already have experience and an idea of ​​the sensations during the treatment. In most cases, patients refuse to administer local anesthesia before epilation at follow-up visits, as our laser has powerful contact cooling.

How old is the treatment?

The treatment has no age restrictions, as well as laser hair removal on other parts of the body.

Epilation is performed in early childhood for medical reasons, for example, with paradoxical hypertrichosis in children in order to prevent psychological trauma and impaired social adaptation.

However, the age and hormonal characteristics of adolescents should be taken into account if laser hair removal is planned in puberty, when the child's puberty occurs and changes in the hormonal background will not give lasting results.

We are waiting for you for your treatment at the Venus Clinic in Kiev.

Can I sunbathe after the treatment?

After the treatment, it is recommended to refrain from sunbathing for at least one month after hair removal. Skin contact with the sun (ultraviolet) rays can lead to pigmentation on the skin in the area of ​​the laser treatment.

In the area of ​​laser action, melanin is destroyed in the skin, which protects us from the negative effects of ultraviolet rays. It takes time for the skin to recover.

It is very important to apply sunscreen after laser treatments. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours, regardless of SPF strength.

Is it dangerous for the body?

No, laser hair removal is classified as a treatment that is safe for the body. The laser effect will be limited to the abdominal skin and will not affect the deeper tissues, and even more so the internal organs.

The 810 nm wavelength used during the treatment refers to the infrared spectrum. A laser beam with this wavelength predominantly acts on the melanin of the hair, heating it. The penetration depth is about 5 mm, which is sufficient for hair removal, but the effect is limited only to the skin. The infrared range does not have oncogenic or any other kind of negative impact on our body.

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