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Laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is non-invasive laser treatment. Laser beam selective destroys hair follicle. In result hair growth stops for a long period of time.

Advantage in Venus Clinic, Kiev

  • Cryo numbing - contact skin cooling to -5°C slows down the conduction of nerve impulses, which makes the procedure comfortable.
  • New and approved laser device - we use brand new and certified laser deice that regularly undergoes official service.
  • Quality without compromise - our high power laser ensures the quality of the treatment. The effect of cessation of hair growth lasts up to 3 months after the first procedure!

Laser hair removal - how it works?

During the laser hair removal procedure, the laser energy is absorbed by the hair follicle. This leads to the heating of the bulb of hair to a temperature of 70-80°C and the thermal destruction of the growth zone of the bulb occurs, hair growth stops. For a complete cessation of hair growth requires a course of 6-8 procedures with an interval of 6-8 weeks.

Why I need remove hair?

Social norms

Since ancient times, people have resorted to hair removal. There is much evidence from the history of Egypt and Asian countries.

Social norms force hair to be shaved in various areas. Frequent shaving causes discomfort, sometimes leads to cuts and irritation of the skin in the shaving area, hair ingrowth and the appearance of age spots. Laser treatment will save you from the need to shave and all the troubles associated with this.

Medical indications

In some cases, excessive hair growth may be observed in some areas. For example, hypertrichosis - increased body hair on the arms, abdomen, legs of some people and even entire ethnic groups of the Earth’s population is a genetic feature. Therefore, often laser hair removal is performed for medical reasons.


  • hypertrichosis
  • hirsutism
  • pseudofolliculitis - ingrown hair


Dramatical low risks of adverts effects, because our clinic uses a brand new modern diode laser, which regularly undergoes service. A lot of factors on the part of the patient that may affect the quality and safety of laser hair removal. These are various diseases and conditions of the body, taking medications, vitamins, tan. Therefore, it is very important to inform the doctor about this information during the consultation regarding epilation.


  • pregnancy
  • breastfeeding
  • tan, wounds, allergic rashes
  • taking photosensitizers
  • fever, epilepsy, severe systemic diseases
  • visit to the solarium for 2 weeks before the procedure

Please inform your doctor during consultation, If you regularly take medication or dietary supplements.

Preparation for laser hair removal treatment

Laser hair removal is a procedure that requires prior preparation for treatment area. 1 day before the procedure, you must smoothly shave the skin. Be careful and avoid cuts in the zone of the upcoming hair removal.

3 Do not before the treatment

  • don't pull hair
  • don't wax
  • don't sunbathe in the solarium or self-tan

What to expect

The hair removal treatment can take from 10 to 60 minutes, depending treatment area. During treatment, the patient feels tingling in treating area. Laser heats the hair follicle to 70-80°C. It is possible apply an anesthetic cream, if patient has some pain sensation. Our laser has the effect of cryo-anesthesia and in most cases there is no need for numbing cream.

After the treatment

After treatment, a soothing cream is applied to treated skin, which soothes irritation, calms and soothes the skin. The procedure does not require special care. Enough to follow a few rules. 2 weeks after the procedure, hair stumps may fall out, which may resemble hair regrowth, but the bulbs that have reacted fall out. Hair will not grow for 6-12 weeks. Then new hairs will gradually appear and this will be a point to repeat hair removal treatment, since 20-30% of hair can be removed in one session. Therefore, the laser procedure is performed by a course with certain intervals between procedures.

Recommendations after the treatment

  • Do not sunbathe for 1-3 months in the sun and in the solarium
  • Apply SPF 30+ within 1-3 months after the procedure


Price for laser hair removal in Kiev

  Price Time
Package Madrid: underarms + bikini + fully shin 2250 = 2000 UAH 60 min.
Package Barce: underarms + full bikini 1380 = 1100 UAH 45 min.
Package Valencia: underarms + shins 1260 = 1050 UAH 45 min.
Upper lip 210 UAH 10 min.
The chin 230 UAH 10 min.
Cheeks 230 UAH 10 min.
Temple area 230 UAH 10 min.
Temporal region + cheeks 440 UAH 10 min.
Eyebrow 195 UAH 10 min.
Forehead line 230 UAH 10 min.
Ears 230 UAH 10 min.
All face 750 UAH 20 min.
Neck (back or front) 320 UAH 20 min.
Undearms 390 UAH 15 min.
Decolette 320 UAH 15 min.
Bikini area along the swimming trunks 500 UAH 20 min.
Full bikini area
(pubis, labia, intergluteal fold)
990 UAH 30 min.
Men's bikini "Aesthetic"
(pubis, partly penis)
1300 UAH 30 min.
Men's full bikini
(pubis, part of the penis, scrotum, intergluteal fold)
1600 UAH 45 min.
White line of the abdomen 320 UAH 20 min.
Areola of breast 320 UAH 15 min.
Sacrum 320 UAH 15 min.
Full legs 1800 UAH 45 min.
Hips 950 UAH 30 min.
Hips + knees 990 UAH 30 min.
Inner thighs 500 UAH 30 min.
Shins 870 UAH 30 min.
Shins + knees 950 UAH 40 min.
Knees 280 UAH 20 min.
Back of feet
(including toes)
320 UAH 15 min.
Пальцы стоп 250 UAH 10 min.
Hands completely
(including hands, forearm, shoulders)
950 UAH 30 min.
Shoulders 500 UAH 30 min.
Forearm 620 UAH 30 min.
Hands (including fingers) 320 UAH 15 min.
Fingers of the hands 200 UAH 10 min.
Women's back (including shoulder girdle) 950 UAH 45 min.
Men's back 1350 UAH 45 min.
Male breast 950 UAH 45 min.
Male belly 1100 UAH 30 min.
Female belly 620 UAH 20 min.
Female buttocks 540 UAH 30 min.
Men's buttocks 1000 UAH 40 min.
Single pulse 60 UAH  
Anesthesia 15% 40 min.
Shaving the epilation area 15%  

ATTENTION! Shaving of large areas is not performed in the clinic, the patient needs to shave his hair before the visit


Is it painful?

In order to destroy a hair follicle during laser hair removal, it must be heated to 70-80 ° C, so in sensitive areas the laser procedure can be uncomfortable. Numbing cream is used to reduce discomfort.

Can I tan in solarium?

Tanning is a contraindication for laser hair removal. The tanning bed is contraindicated at least 2 weeks before the procedure and within 1 month after the procedure.

Is it possible to do wax depilation before laser?

Laser hair removal will be ineffective if you did wax depilation before. Therefore, it is not recommended to do waxing less than 3-4 weeks before laser hair removal.

What medications can not be taken?

Before the procedure is not recommended to take drugs that increase skin sensitivity to light (photosensitizers).


  • Antifungal drugs
  • Fluoroquinolones
  • Aminolevulinic acid
  • Acetylsalicylic acid
  • Tetracyclines
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs

Herb extracts:

  • Hypericum
  • Yarrow

Vitamins and analogues:

  • Vitamin A
  • Retinoids (vitamin A derivative)

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