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Sleep and weight loss, girl, pillow
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Sleep and weight loss - revealing the secrets of nature

Everyone knows that a good healthy sleep is the key to health and beauty. Is it possible to combine sleep and weight loss?

Research shows that cool air in the bedroom boosts metabolism.

When you sleep in a cool room, your metabolism increases.

Francesco S. Celi, M.D., author of a study on five male volunteers.

Francesco has found that lowering the temperature in your bedroom can increase the amount of brown fat in your body.

Brown fatis a "healthy" type of fat found in newborns and animals (bears). It got its name because of its specific brown color, which distinguishes it from ordinary fat. Brown fat in the body is able to actively generate heat when the body temperature drops.

Why sleep and lose weight?

Our body temperature drops when we sleep. If a person lives in a cold climate, then wise nature has provided a protective mechanism that saves us and animals from hypothermia during sleep. Responsible for this is brown fat, which by burning fat warms our body.

When people talk about fat, then most often it has a negative connotation. With brown fat, the opposite is true: a large amount of this fat is found in people with a high metabolism. Therefore, brown fat is useful for our body, as a source of energy and heat in critical situations.

Losing weight, sleep
Losing weight in a dream - all you need to do is to choose the right temperature in the room.

Scientists recommend sleep for weight loss

Sleep and weight loss is not a joke, but a proven fact.

The researchers found that after four weeks of sleep at 19 °C, the brown fat content in the body doubled. But the effect will persist if you sleep in a cool room: after four weeks of sleep at 27 °C, the content of brown fat decreases and the acceleration of metabolism returns to its previous level.

Losing weight in a dream - a simple recommendation

To enhance fat burning, keep your bedroom at around 19 ° C during sleep.

How to get rid of fat in certain areas of the body?

Modern hardware methods that are used in medicine can remove unwanted fat deposits in certain parts of the body to give expressiveness to the waist, remove fat swelling in the breeches and knees.

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