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Fitness - Minimal Workout
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Fitness - Minimal Workout

Sometimes the inspiration comes to do a warm-up in front of the TV or 10 push-ups before a morning shower. Is it really beneficial or not without visiting the fitness room?

What is the minimum you can do to get the most out of it?

Sometimes the inspiration comes to do a warm-up in front of the TV. Or 10 push-ups before your morning shower. When I go to work, I walk up the steps (it's nice to go down the steps effortlessly). Then I do three reps to improve efficiency, and then I praise myself for the effort. I like to say that every little thing matters. But is it really beneficial?

Fitness room or minimal workout at home?

We turned to fitness experts to draw the line between minimal exercise or exertion that benefits our body and those loads that are completely useless for the body.

If the goal of your exercise is to improve your well-being, then 10 push-ups a week is enough, but if you want to lose 10 kg in 1 month, then this is also difficult to do with "minimal effective exercise".

Slimming workout
If you are trying to lose a few extra pounds or give your muscles a boost, then be prepared to put in some effort to climb to a higher step. In this case, you cannot do without visiting the fitness room.

Minimum Effective Exercise is the minimum amount of exercise of one type or another that you must do to achieve a physiological effect. This threshold depends on the type of exercise, your body, and the goals you set for yourself.

How to get rid of problem areas where volumes cannot be corrected?

In some areas, it is almost impossible to get rid of localized fat. For these purposes are used - Ultrasonic cavitation and Hydrolipoclasia.

Get to work!

To help you achieve certain success, we turned to experts to offer us those minimal programs that will truly change your body. Struggling to maintain weight and stay healthy?

The At Least Exercises will help you maintain Status Quo - the initial state.

Strength Equipment

Strength training 2-4 times a week from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Thirty minutes well spent will do more than two ineffective hours at the gym.

At least

2 workouts per week with weights + 1-2 days of Cardio workouts for 30-45 minutes. It is recommended to engage a large body muscle group, including squats and lunges for the legs and buttocks, pull-ups and push-ups for the upper body, and squats and ab exercises.

Cardio exercise
Brisk walking for 15-30 minutes and 10 minutes of resistance training every other day is a good start. Starting from scratch is always better than doing nothing at all.


Until now, there is a debate in fitness about which cardio or strength training is better for burning fat. Using the above diagram, replace one day of Cardio with squats, lunges, arm exercises, abs, bench and back presses, and spend the remaining Cardio day in the fitness room on exercise bikes or outdoor cycling.


The American Heart Association recommends walking for 30 minutes a day for cardiovascular health. This should be your minimum. Walking to work isn't always an adequate cardio exercise.

Minimum: You need to maintain 60% of your maximum heart rate for a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week. To determine the required heart rate, use the Karvonen formula: 220 - resting heart rate - age + 0.6x resting heart rate. Use heart rate monitors to determine effective exercise.

Intensive: If you want to lose weight by doing only cardio, you need to walk 5 days a week.

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