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Nail shape and character
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Nails shape can tell about a person

Over the centuries, various methods have been developed to determine the character and abilities of a person according to various external signs. These theories are mainly based on the relationship of body parts with a person's character. Some people think that even by the size and shape of your nails, you can determine the character of a person.

Diagnosis of character by the shape of nails

Diagnosis of character by the shape of nails originates in Asia, and then gained popularity in Europe.

This can be treated in different ways, you can find a relationship, or vice versa ... but nevertheless, it's fun to read.

Choose a suitable nail shape and judge for yourself whether it is true or not 😀

Shape of nails and character of a person

1 Vertical long nails - Soft character, more precisely, creative and creative. These people usually have good contact with others.

2 Wide nails - Sincere, not stupid, easily irritable, theorists. These people always tell the truth and often give advice to others.

3 and 4 - Round or oval - These people are relaxed, unique, positive and intelligent. Live by their own rhythm and discard the little things that disrupt their routine; have many friends.

5 Square nails - these people are leaders, strong, skillful and courageous. Serious, people see leaders in them, but they also have a soft side that is only reserved for close friends.

6 and 7 Triangular - smart, perfectionist, innovative, original. It is possible that these people are genius and think faster than others, as a rule, those around them are fascinated by them.

8 Almond nails are loyal, sincere, companionable and beautiful. These people are very kind, but they can insist on their own when necessary. Others love their company and the way they solve problems.

9 Xiphoid nails - inspired, successful, imaginative and focused. They are focused on long-term goals and movement forward, they know how to influence people and develop positive aspirations in them, inspire people to improve themselves.

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