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Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet beats the low-fat diet

A Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil or a mixture of nuts can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 30% in patients at high risk for cardiovascular disease, compared to those on a low diet fat.

These conclusions are drawn from the results of controlled randomized trials PREDIMED (primary prevention), which were presented at the International Congress of Vegetarian Nutrition.

Mediterranean diet and cardiovascular disease

The Mediterranean diet is leading the way in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular complications. PREDIMED, through research, has come to the conclusion that this diet also plays an important role in the primary prevention of cardiovascular complications.

Mediterranean diet, tomatoes, olives
The Mediterranean diet allows you to stay healthy without fasting or eating restrictions.

Oil and nuts instead of fat restriction

Patients were randomized into one of two groups: Mediterranean diets (one with extra virgin olive oil and one with nuts) and a control group in which participants were advised to limit dietary fat.

Research results

The results of the study were summed up after 4.8 years from the beginning of the study. In the Mediterranean diet groups supplemented with olive oil or a mixture of nuts, the incidence of myocardial infarction, strokes and death from cardiovascular disease decreased by 30% and 28%, respectively, compared with the control group, with dietary fat restriction.

The Mediterranean diet does not encourage fasting

It should be especially noted that patients on the Mediterranean diet did not experience difficulties caused by the reduction in calories in food. While calorie restriction is a major concern of all long-term low-fat diets.

What if the diet does not help remove centimeters in certain areas?

In some areas of our body, in the so-called "trap zones", the body accumulates more fat. Even dieting and grueling exercise will not correct these areas.

The situation is not hopeless - with the help of hardware techniques, you can accurately correct the surplus in certain areas.

Read in detail Ultrasonic Cavitation and Hydrolipoclasia.

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