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Peeling for acne treatment

What peel to choose for acne treatment?

Everyone faces acne breacouts to one degree or another. But what if the blemishes appear frequently and leave scars on the face?

Why do acne breakouts appear?

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands that results from increased sebum production and clogged pores. Sebaceous glands - glands of external secretion, which reach the greatest development during puberty. The secret of the sebaceous glands, sebum, performs a number of important and necessary functions for our body, namely: increasing the barrier and antifungal properties, protecting the skin from drying out and ultraviolet radiation, lubricating the hair and maintaining the elasticity and moisture of our skin. Disruption of their work leads to a number of consequences that, if improperly and untimely intervention, can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as enlarged pores, erythema, scars, uneven skin texture, acne and post-acne, stagnant spots and hyperpigmentation, which requires a longer and more radical treatment.

Peels and acne treatments

Whole books have been written about treating acne, but to this day there is no ideal method. For treatment, antibiotics are used, systemic retinoids that suppress the function of the sebaceous glands, hormonal drugs that regulate sex hormones, various laser techniques ... The list goes on and on. But if we talk about a professional approach to acne treatment, then we can single out peels as one of the most popular professional methods for acne. And this is no coincidence, since one of the leading pathogenetic mechanisms of acne is hyperkeratosis - an increased formation of horny skin scales that disrupt the outflow of sebum from the sebaceous glands. And the main purpose of peels is to exfoliate corneous cells from the surface of the epidermis.

Which peel is better for acne?

There are many types of peels that can be used for acne, these are B-hydroxy acids (Salicylic peels), fruit acids, but the most popular for acne is Jessner's peel. This is a peeling, the formula of which was developed at the beginning of the 20th century for the treatment of acne and skin rejuvenation. Jessner's classic peeling is a combination of lactic and salicylic acid with resorcinol. A feature of Jessner's peeling is that it is well tolerated by patients and does not cause excessive peeling. Most importantly, this peel targets several acne causes:

  • cleanses and restores pore patency
  • has antibacterial effect

The combination of an exfoliating effect with an antibacterial effect makes Jessner's peel the peel of choice for acne.

Which manufacturer's Jessner peel is better?

30 years ago, PCA Skin, USA, developed formulas for modified Jessner peels, which have become classics included in textbooks on cosmetology and are now used all over the world. Here the choice is obvious in favor of this manufacturer.

PCA Peel - the peel of choice for acne treatment

Compared to the classic Jessner peel, with which many are familiar for a long time, PCA Skin peels have a number of advantages. Firstly, the improved Jessner peels have additional components that were not previously included in the classic Jessner peels - citric acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid that is actively involved in whitening and moisturizing the skin, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells, and kojic acid, which works as an antibacterial agent, inhibitor of melanogenesis and actively combats existing hyperpigmentation. The optimal proportions of all components are aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the procedure without the risk of complications and allergies.

No rinse required for PCA Peel

Another advantage is the absence of the need to neutralize peeling with alkaline solutions, which was often the cause of skin hyperreactions, and this indicates the high safety of the solutions used, which is especially important for patients with sensitive skin. Also, the existence of three varieties of Jessner's PCA Skin peels allows the most individual approach to solving the specific problem of each patient. Jessner peels are presented in three types:

  • with hydroquinone (for patients with hyperpigmentation)
  • with hydroquinone and resorcinol (for more effective exfoliation, for stagnant spots and post-traumatic pigmentation)
  • and without hydroquinone (for patients with individual intolerance to hydroquinone).

Thanks to its improved composition, Jessner peeling effectively fights all mechanisms, at all levels of acne pathogenesis, and also ensures the prevention of further inflammatory reactions, exfoliation of dead skin cells and, as a result, evening out the tone and relief of the skin, increasing the skin's immunity, its moisture and elasticity .

Jessner peels can be used both superficial and middle, depending on the number of layers applied, which significantly reduces the time to achieve the desired result, they are absolutely comfortable, effective and safe.

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