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Photorejuvenation BBL slow down skin aging
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The patients looked 9 years younger than their peers

The patients looked 9 years younger than their peers in a 10-year study conducted in the United States. The patients regularly underwent the Forever Young BBL skin rejuvenation course.

Patrick J. Bitter, Jr., MD, Jason Pozner, MD

Study design

11 women aged 34-67 underwent facial skin rejuvenation with the Sciton BBL system (read SITE) at least once a year for 9 years! 490 experts, including 51 dermatologists, participated in the evaluation of the results according to the method of a 2nd-blind randomized trial. The experts concluded that the women had aged only 6 months, while it was 9 years between the first and last procedures !!! "- says Dr. Bitter, dermatologist, owner of a private clinic in Los Gatos, California.

BBL Skin Rejuvenation Based On A 9 Years Study. Evaluation of results.

The average age of women at the beginning of the photorejuvenation procedures was 45 years, and the dermatologists who participated in the evaluation of the before and after photographs estimated the age of the patients in the before photo at an average of 45 years. After 8 years of observation (photo "after"), the experts gave an average age estimate of 45.5 years, which turned out to be 9 years younger than the actual age of the study participants, says Dr. Bitter.

The study involved the patients of the clinic Dr. Bitter, who had at least one rejuvenation course a year and did not undergo laser procedures, did not use the services of plastic surgeons. Women used skin care creams.

In the study by Dr. Bitter only included estimates from expert dermatologists. Moreover, the experts did not know about the procedures and methods of treatment that the subjects were undergoing. The photographs were taken in such a way that the experts evaluated only the condition of the skin, and not other signs of aging such as gray hair, etc.

Research results

Photorejuvenation with broadband pulsed light - Sciton BBL - is effectively used to treat signs of aging of the skin of the face and body, such as wrinkles, dilated blood vessels on the face, age spots. Research shows that broadband pulsed light photorejuvenation can improve skin condition, both externally and at the histological (tissue) level. However, this is the first double-blind, randomized, long-term follow-up study of patients regularly undergoing photorejuvenation, says Dr. Bitter. The need for this study was driven in part by a Swiss study published several years ago, in which researchers hypothesized that photorejuvenation might, conversely, accelerate skin aging with prolonged use. Our experience in using photorejuvenation procedures testifies to the opposite, and this study indicates that long-term use of photorejuvenation procedures slows down the aging process of the skin.

Expert dermatologists have concluded that after 8 years of annual BBL procedures, patients have aged less than one year.

The new findings from this study will be presented at a meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology and will provide evidence that photorejuvenation is not only a method to "get rid of dilated blood vessels and age spots" - says Dr. Bitter, but also a technique "which allows you to achieve rejuvenation at the cellular level - the cells acquire the properties of young skin cells."

The secret of the effectiveness of Sciton BBL photorejuvenation

Dr. Bitter noted that the difference between patients who really "enjoy the procedure" and patients who "do not see the effect of photorejuvenation lies in the technique of the procedure.

Photorejuvenation is an excellent technology, the success of which, in addition to acquiring a high-quality device, lies in the doctor's ability to use it, it is important to know the optimal parameters of the photorejuvenation procedure, based on the skin type, in order to carry out the procedure using the most effective parameters and with an adequate frequency for the course of treatment .

Dr. Bitter, study author

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