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Facial photorejuvenation

Facial photorejuvenation what is it?

Face photo rejuvenation, what is it and why is it so much talked about ?!

The fastest and shortest answer: photorejuvenation is a procedure that is performed to correct the signs of photoaging. Let's take a look at what this definition means.

How does our skin age?

In aesthetic medicine, there are two well-known concepts as photoaging and chrono aging.

Aging is a genetically determined process that results in gradual changes in body functions and the condition of the skin and its appendages. With age, when all processes in the body slow down, the production of collagen and elastin in the skin also decreases, which affects its elasticity and firmness, the first wrinkles appear.

Photoaging is one of the leading causes of skin aging

As for photoaging, its appearance is directly related to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on our skin. There are two types of potentially harmful radiation to the skin: UVA and UVB. Moreover, the rays of the UVA range provoke the formation of fine-mesh wrinkles and telangiectasias, and UVB radiation - the formation of age spots on the skin. Photoaging and chrono aging are especially close concepts, since one can aggravate the other. It used to be assumed that the signs of photoaging are superimposed on the natural aging of the body and run in parallel, but now the situation is different. Photoaging significantly outstrips chrono aging, which is largely due to non-observance of the elementary rules for protecting the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

It is a proven fact that skin aging by 70-80% occurs due to photoaging and only 20-30% due to age-related changes as a result of chrono aging. That is, following very simple rules and using special means, it is possible to significantly prolong and improve the condition and youth of your skin.

What is face photorejuvenation?

Facial photorejuvenation is a non-invasive procedure using broadband pulsed light in the visible range. Broadband light affects the so-called targets: hemoglobin (for vascular formations), melanin (for pigmentation) and water in the cellular and intercellular space, thereby improving the color, texture of the skin and prolonging its blooming appearance.

The principle of facial photorejuvenation is based on selective photothermolysis. During the procedure, the energy of the light flux affects the chromophores, which absorb it and, under the influence of heat, change their structure and are destroyed, while the tissues surrounding the target remain unchanged.

  • The facial rejuvenation procedure is perfectly combined with all laser, hardware and cosmetic procedures, provided that the intervals between them are correctly observed.
  • The photorejuvenation procedure does not require any special training. The main requirement is the absence of fresh tanning and the use of photosensitizers.
  • The BBL Sciton photorejuvenation procedure takes only 20 minutes, after the procedure, you can immediately return to your daily activities.

What skin problems does photorejuvenation solve?

Photorejuvenation of the face is the most effective and safe procedure for removing pigmentation, freckles, enlarged pores and vascular formations.

BBL and deep rejuvenation of skin cells at the gene level

In addition to eliminating signs of photoaging, photorejuvenation also slows down the processes of chrono-aging of the skin - age-related aging of the skin, according to genetic research by scientists at Stanford University (read more about this study - Forever Young BBL procedure rejuvenates cells at the gene level).

Results matter! Why choose BBL Sciton skin rejuvenation?

  • it is always an integrated approach and the ability to solve several problems (pigmentation, blood vessels, acne, rejuvenation) in one procedure;
  • speed and efficiency (large crystal area and cooling system allow the procedure to be carried out quickly and comfortably and safely, while maintaining high efficiency);
  • Sciton BBL is the only system in the world that has clinically proven results in skin rejuvenation, up to genetic studies of the BBL effect on the genome of skin cells.

BBL photorejuvenation at the Venus Clinic is always quality , comfort and result!

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