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face laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing

Laser rejuvenation is a collective term for a whole group of procedures that are aimed for improving the general condition of the skin, its color and texture, increasing its firmness and elasticity, and giving you a clearer face contour without surgery.

Laser rejuvenation is used in the context of such procedures as fractional laser rejuvenation, laser peeling, laser skin resurfacing, laser lifting without ablation, photo rejuvenation etc.

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Let's talk about laser face resurfacing

One of the main goals of laser exposure, that is when the laser is resurfacing the face on the dermal structures, is to trigger the production of collagen and elastin which are the main structural components of the dermis and are responsible for the elasticity and firmness of our skin.

Today, the laser resurfacing procedure is not only the gold standard in rejuvenation but also one of the most effective solutions for correction of wrinkles, post-acne, postoperative scars and stretch marks.

This is a procedure that has no precise age limit with a quick and noticeable clinical result that will be visible after the first procedure which has a predictable short rehabilitation period. The procedure can be performed on all areas including the face, neck, low neck, hands, shoulders and back.

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Types of lasers

Not all lasers are the same!

By the type of interaction with tissues (skin), devices for laser resurfacing can be divided into two types: ablative and non-ablative. Ablative rejuvenation compromises the integrity of the skin, non-ablative does not. The classification is relative though.

  • Ablation is the process of evaporation of skin cells.
  • Coagulation is the process of protein denaturation that subsequently triggers neocollagenesis.
types of laser resurfacing

Ablative laser rejuvenation can be all-over or fractional, that is when only certain areas of the skin are removed, the rest remaining intact significantly shortens the rehabilitation period. In most cases, when mentioning fractional rejuvenation, it is the ablative technologies that are implied.

Fractional ablative resurfacing is considered to be the "gold standard" of laser rejuvenation.

Next, let's talk specifically about the fractional ablative laser resurfacing.


In our practice we use a fractional CO2 laser MedArt INTENZ manufactured in Denmark. The reasons for doing so include the effectiveness and wide range of settings for correcting various areas and conditions of the skin, varying from laser resurfacing and removal of benign growths to scar removal.

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  • MedArt enterprise has been manufacturing lasers since 1979. It owns a number of patents and supplies components to other medical laser manufacturers around the world.
  • The laser is registered with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • The laser is equipped with a high-frequency scanner that allows you to adjust the depth and density of the skin treatment in order to accurately dose the impact for a successful correction of various pathologies.

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How laser resurfacing works

The principle of operation of a fractional CO2 laser is based on the selective removal of areas in the upper layer of the skin in the form of small microzones (columns). Connective tissues, however, remain intact which significantly speeds up the recovery period maintaining high efficiency.

Fractional rejuvenation with a CO2 laser allows you to achieve the same results as with all-over laser skin resurfacing but with minimal risk of side effects and a short rehabilitation period.

Ablative laser rejuvenation

  • Mechanical tissue removal promotes the release of mechanical damage mediators stimulating regenerative processes in the skin. Re-epithelialization of the skin occurs through maturation of young cells in the basement membrane. In case of a deep impact it occurs from the keratinocytes of the sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Thermal effects on tissues as a result of the release of thermal damage mediators.
  • Activation of fibroblasts and plastic-reparative processes in the skin.

When is laser rejuvenation indicated?

Fractional rejuvenation has a wide range of indications including resurfacing of the facial skin in order to correct age-related changes, as well as purse-string wrinkles which are the most difficult to target. Also, fractional laser rejuvenation is effective for:

  • increasing skin turgor and elasticity;
  • correction of wrinkles around the eyes;
  • post-acne correction;
  • correction of scars and cicatrices on the face and body;
  • laser removal of stretch marks;
  • pores contraction, smoothing the skin;
  • correction of hyperpigmentation and improving complexion.
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The laser resurfacing procedure is a fast, effective and safe solution to rejuvenate and improve the condition of your skin.

If you want to have a full picture of your skin condition and receive an individual treatment regimen, make an appointment with our specialist. After consulting you and diagnosing your skin, the doctor will draw up an appropriate and suited for you treatment plan, and you will be able to take a detailed look at your skin using skin diagnostic images on the Observ 520 apparatus and track the positive dynamics procedure after procedure.

After laser resurfacing, your skin will become brighter and fresh-colored, it will acquire a healthy glow, its color and texture will be improved its firmness, turgor and elasticity will increase!

Laser face resurfacing is a method that has withstood the test of time and is approved not only by specialists but also by patients!

Today, laser resurfacing procedures are considered a worthy alternative to plastic surgery!

Treatment plan

Like all laser and hardware procedures, fractional laser resurfacing is carried out in a course, regardless of which zone of the face, neck, low neck or other areas of the body is selected. Most importantly, you will see visible improvement after the first procedure, and with each subsequent procedure it will only get better.

On average, the course consists of 3-6 procedures with intervals of at least 4 weeks between them. In case of scar and cicatrice correction, the course is selected individually depending on the indications.

You can do laser resurfacing at any time of the year, it is only important to follow certain rules which include a wide spectrum daily protection from ultraviolet radiation with an SPF factor of 30 to 50. The use of sunscreen is a must not only during the preparatory period but also in post-procedure care, to ensure maximum results without risks and complications.

Post-procedural care

After laser resurfacing, as with any active procedure, the skin will take time to heal. During this period it is especially important to follow proper skin care treatment.

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The recovery period of the face, neck and lower neck areas takes 7-10 days; the recovery of the body areas takes a little longer. All information about proper every day care is listed in a memo that the doctor will give you after the procedure. It contains explanations and recommendations regarding after-care and recovery time.

Fractional laser resurfacing is absolutely safe and predictable. We can predict and describe the reaction of the skin after the procedure to within hours and give you appropriate recommendations to make the recovery period as comfortable and small as possible.


The cost of a laser resurfacing procedure depends on several factors depending on the area of exposure and the purpose for which it is performed.

More details about prices, before and after photos can be found here:

Laser resurfacing

Laser face resurfacing in Kiev is one of the top autumn procedures, it also goes well with RF lifting and photorejuvenation, mesotherapy and biorevitalization, as well as food supplements to maintain the beauty, health and youth of your skin.

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