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Tanning in a solarium does not protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation
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Will tanning in a solarium protect my skin?

Does a tanning salon really protect the skin from UV rays?

As you know, the population with dark skin types is more protected from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin than people with fair skin. Hence, there is an opinion that in order to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, it is necessary to "prepare" it for this. How to do it? - solarium. Does a tanning salon really protect the skin from UV rays?

Solarium and UV protection

To investigate this issue, a group of scientists conducted a clinical study on patients. According to the results of the study, the level of markers of DNA damage (CPDs) of skin cells by ultraviolet radiation was the same both in patients who did not sunbathe in a solarium and in those who visited a solarium. Based on this, it was concluded that there is a false opinion that a tanning bed helps the skin to adapt and prepare it for the sun's rays. Thus, it makes no sense to visit a solarium for prophylactic purposes to prevent sunburn and the negative effect of ultraviolet radiation on skin cells.

About ultraviolet light

I select UVA and UVB spectra of ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet B spectrum (UVB) acts superficially, within the epidermis, but has a powerful photochemical effect and can cause skin cancer. It is UVB that removes a lot of attention from dermatology and oncology. Ultraviolet A does not cause skin burns and redness, but unlike UVB rays, it penetrates deep enough into the skin and is capable of damaging collagen and elastin molecules. Moreover, the negative effect of UVA has a cumulative effect and over the years can significantly accelerate skin aging - photoaging, causing the premature appearance of wrinkles, age spots and dilated blood vessels.

Photodamage prevention

We offer patients skin photorejuvenation procedures, we love this technique, but we urge our patients not to abuse sunbathing and constantly remember to protect the face from ultraviolet rays. Remember to apply moisturizers as dry skin is more vulnerable to UV light. Our skin releases its own SPF - urocanic acid. This is why the risk of sunburn is higher in windy weather. Do not stay in the open sun for more than 1 hour. The best time for sunbathing is before 11 am and after 4 pm. Wear baseball caps or hats that shade your face.

When choosing sunscreen, make sure SPF has both UVA + UVB filters. Optimal SPF 15+ for everyday use and 30+ when you need extra protection (on the beach, in the sun, etc.).

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