Laser surgery of skin

Laser removal of papillomas, warts, keratomas, fibromas, xanthelasmas in Kiev with the help of a CO2 laser allows you to gently, without unnecessary damage to healthy tissues, get rid of skin imperfections.

Laser surgery of skin

Laser removal of warts, papillomas, xanthelasmas, fibromas is a surgical treatment that allows to remove almost all skin pathologies with high precision and minimal risk of complications.

Advantages of laser surgery of skin pathologies: high accuracy, minimally invasive (reduces the risk of scar formation), no bleeding, sterility of the wound after laser treatment, rapid healing of the postoperative wound, minimal traumatization of the surrounding tissues.


  • papillomas
  • keratomas
  • warts
  • xanthelasma
  • dermatofibroma


Papilloma is a benign skin tumor protruding above its surface. The reason is the human papillomavirus. The size can be from fractions of a millimeter to 5 cm. The most common locations are areas of the skin that undergo mechanical trauma. This is a transitional fold of the neck, axillary region, inguinal folds, etc. If there is at least one element, then the appearance of new ones in neighboring areas of the skin may soon be observed. Multiple papillomatosis on the body may indicate a decrease in immunity.

Methods for treating papillomas

The main treatment method is surgical treatment. Removal can be carried out by an electrocoagulator, a radio wave knife, a laser. We use a laser surgery, because it is the fastest, most accurate and minimally invasive method. This technique allows you to get rid of papillomas with minimal trauma of surrounding healthy tissues.

Patient Safety

Thanks to the smoke aspirator, the patient does not inhale microparticles of the papilloma virus and does not expose the respiratory tract to the risk of infection with this dangerous virus, which can cause cancer of the respiratory tract and genitals. Removal of papillomas with a MedArt Intenz CO2 laser does not leave scars.


Anesthesia with papillomas is most often not required. If necessary, application or injection anesthesia can be used in case of large papillomas. The wound after a CO2 laser heals quickly, thanks to sterility.


Warts are skin lesions caused by papillomavirus. Plantar warts, hand warts are distinguished depending on the localization. Infection occurs when the virus penetrates through microdamages in the skin. Plantar warts can be infected in the pool, gym, during manicure and pedicure with a non-sterile tool. Warts are not dangerous, but cause a lot of trouble. On the hands is a cosmetic defect. On the legs, warts can cause pain when walking.

There are various methods for removing warts: applying keratolytic solutions, liquid nitrogen, etc. We use a CO2 laser, because under the control of vision, the volume of intervention can be controlled. This allows you to radically remove warts with a minimum treatmants quantity.

Xanthelasma Removal

Xanthelasma is a flat or protruding yellow formation above the surface of the skin, where the name comes from (xanthe - yellow). Xanthelasma is not an independent pathology. This is a symptom characterizing a violation of lipid metabolism. In this case, there is an accumulation of cholesterol in the skin. Xanthelasma tends to increase in size.


General treatment implies normalization of lipid metabolism, correction of blood cholesterol is recommended. But not always with xanthelasma there is a change in these blood parameters, often they remain within normal limits.

Surgical treatment involves removing cholesterol deposits. In our clinic, xanthelasma is removed with a CO2 laser, because the laser can provide high accuracy with minimal trauma to the surrounding healthy tissue. This reduces the risk of scarring, decreases the duration of the rehabilitation period. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts about 20-30 minutes. To protect the eyes from the laser beam, special protective ocular shields are used. The recovery period lasts 5-7 days. Xanthelasma treatment may require from 1 to 3 treatments.

Preparation for the treatment

The procedure of laser surgery does not require special training.

How is the treatment

The procedure is performed by a dermatologist or a surgeon trained in laser work. We use a CO2 laser MedArt INTENZ manufactured by Denmark. With a thin beam, the laser non-contact evaporates pathologically altered tissues in small portions with micron accuracy.

After the treatment

The wound can remain open or a sterile dressing is applied, does not require complicated care.


Cryoanesthesia, infiltration anesthesia (injection anesthesia) or application anesthesia may be used depending on the procedure and the depth of formation.


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