Laser Scar Treatment

Laser treatment acne scar and postoperative scarring in Kiev using the Intenz CO2 laser, Denmark and the NeoGen PSR Nitrogen Plasma Medical System, UK; relief alignment, scar density modification, color correction.

Laser Scar Treatment

Laser resurfacing of scars - laser procedure, during which the microareas of scars are removed, which leads to smoothing of the skin relief.

Kinds of scars

Scars can be postoperative, post-traumatic, keloid, post-acne, arising after acne, stretch marks (striae) are also referred to as a variety of scars and scars.

Radical treatment of scars can only be achieved by surgical techniques, ie complete removal of the scar. We use non-invasive, non-surgical techniques that are more properly described by the term Scar Correction. The correction implies a reduction in the severity of the scar and makes the scar less noticeable.

The approach to treating scars is different and depends on its appearance, degree of maturity, localization and many other factors.

For the treatment of scars we use fractional laser techniques, BBL system, radio frequency currents, injection techniques etc. Each type of scar requires an individual approach.

Preparation for the treatment

No special preparation required.

Recommendations after the treatment

Depending on the type of scar, its severity, body area and the individual correction program, recommendations will depend. Recommendations can range from applying special creams to dressings in a clinic setting.


The clinic uses numbing creams or a cryoanesthesia system, which allows you to quickly and reliably eliminate patient discomfort during the procedure.

It all depends on the type of scar. Usually 3-4 procedures.


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