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hands rejuvenation
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Hands can betray your age

How many poets in their work devoted themselves to the topic of female hands! They are caring, hardworking, skillful, warm, dear...

But each of us would like them to be young and well-groomed. But our pens in everyday life sometimes have a hard time. Even in the civilized world, where our life is simplified as much as possible, the skin of the hands first of all experiences the aggression of environmental factors: frost, wind, excessive insolation, chemicals, etc.

We more often take care of the face, neck, décolleté than our hands, although they are several times more likely to be exposed to harmful environmental factors. Therefore, the condition of the skin of the hands often gives out our age, and sometimes adds it!

Prevention of premature aging of the skin of the hands

Wear gloves indoors and outdoors

Train yourself to work around the house with gloves. All modern detergents are excellent at removing fat from surfaces, including a thin layer of lipids that protect our skin. By washing off our own protective lipids, we expose our skin, making it defenseless against chemicals, sunlight, cold or dry air. The glycerin or “good” cream in the detergent will stay in the sink, not on your hands. In the cold season, wear gloves to keep your hands from drying out, chapping or being exposed to the cold air.

Moisturize your hands and use SPF

We wash our hands several times a day, removing the protective film from the surface of the skin, but for some reason we forget to apply a moisturizer. Use moisturizing creams in summer and nutritious creams (with lanolin, glycerin) in winter. It is no longer news to anyone that a face cream must contain a sunscreen factor in order to slow down the aging of the skin under the influence of the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Hand cream should also contain sunscreen. If your hand cream does not contain SPF, then apply it over your regular cream.

Photorejuvenation of hands
Photorejuvenation of the skin will get rid of age spots.

If there are age spots on the hands

Do not despair, everything is absolutely fixable, if desired. The Forever Young BBL procedure is by far the most effective in the fight against age-related changes. It effectively copes with such problems as age spots, fine wrinkles, a decrease in skin elasticity, moreover, this procedure is perfectly combined with the classic methods of rejuvenation that have long been known to us: mesotherapy, biorevitalization, etc. The procedure will take only 20 minutes, well tolerated, does not require pain relief or special preparation.

So, following the recommendations of the famous classic: "Everything should be fine in a person...", we will not allow ourselves to forget about our skillful and hardworking hands, we will give them a chance to be impeccable as well!

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