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Sun and skin

Reanimating the skin after summer

Are you sure your skin is rested this summer? Ready to check it out?

So the summer time is over, warm sunny days are replaced by autumn ones, with their characteristic fresh coolness and a spicy scent of foliage. Pleasant pictures of exotic beaches and picturesque sea sunsets will remain in our memory for a long time. Our skin also "remembers" summer vacations, but whether it looks rested.

Depending on the type of skin, the problems can be different. If it is oily, then under the influence of the sun, the production of sebum increases, pores become clogged, and inflammatory elements appear. If the skin is dry, then a network of small wrinkles may increase, peeling, milia may appear, not to mention more serious manifestations of skin photoaging - hyperpigmentation, rosacea, elastosis.

Test. How "rested" your skin is this summer.

  1. The skin became rougher - 1 point
  2. The skin is intensely tanned - 1 point
  3. Dry skin, increased wrinkles around the eyes - 1 point
  4. Rashes appear more often - 1 point
  5. Dark spots - 2 points
  6. New age spots appeared - 3 points
  7. There are single vessels on the face - 4 points

If the sum of points is from 1 to 3

There are signs of tired, dehydrated skin with increased keratosis. See recommendations below.

Total points 4 - 8

There are signs of photo damage. See recommendations below.

Points total 9 or more

There are signs of photoaging of the skin, which are caused by prolonged exposure to the sun for several years

Dry, dehydrated skin with increased keratosis


  • moisturizing treatments
  • superficial peels
  • biorevitalization

There is nothing irreparable, the SilkPeel procedure allows you to accelerate skin renewal and restore its radiant appearance.

SilkPeel is a novelty of this season in Ukraine. The course of SilkPeel procedures allows you to solve many problems, ranging from enlarged pores and dull skin, and ending with acne 2-3 degrees, deep pigmentation, etc.

Venus Clinic offers SilkPeel treatments to help your skin get rid of unpleasant summer "memories":

  1. Neutralizes the negative effect of the sun's rays on the skin
  2. Restores the normal moisture content of the skin
  3. Gently removes rough skin cells, making way for young, intact skin cells


Photodamage occurs as a result of the negative effects of the sun's rays on the skin. This is the first serious warning that our skin gives us, that "we need to be more careful with the sun." The skin tells us that it is already difficult for it to fight the sun's rays on its own, its protective capabilities can no longer cope with the sun.


  • retinoic peel
  • SilkPeel
  • BBL photorejuvenation
  • creams with SPF 15+ and above

In most cases, the BBL photorejuvenation procedure will be the best choice, since its effect is aimed at the main signs of photodamage: age spots, dilated blood vessels.


Photoaging is severe skin damage that has spread deep into the skin. Damage is not limited to the epidermis, but extends to the deep layer of the dermis. Collagen, elastin is damaged in the dermis, which enhances the formation of wrinkles. As a result of chronic damage, dilated vessels appear. Photoaging accelerates skin aging by 60%.

Recommended treatments

The procedure of choice for photoaging is skin photorejuvenation.

Bring back the radiance of your skin with modern rejuvenation techniques at the Venus Clinic

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