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laser hair removal preparation

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

Finally, this moment has come and you decided to get rid of unwanted hair forever. This is your first laser hair removal and you need to properly prepare for it. We'll show you how to do it.

The principle of laser hair removal is based on the absorption of laser radiation by melanin, which heats up the hair stump that remains in the skin after shaving. When heated, the hair follicle is destroyed and hair growth stops. Hence the conclusion - vellus hair, light hair and gray hair cannot be removed with a laser, since it does not contain melanin.

what not to do before laser hair removal
Laser hair removal will be ineffective if you use wax depilation, trimming (pulling hair) at the preparation stage. Shaving or chemical depilation with depilatory creams is allowed.

5 steps to get ready for laser hair removal

  1. Tanning and tanning are contraindicated for two weeks before laser hair removal. Even a few minutes in the solarium a few days before the treatment can lead to undesirable consequences. Ideal if the epilation area will not be in contact with the sun for 1 month.
    solarium cannot be used
  2.  wax depilation prohibited
    Do not pull out hair, be it wax depilation, shugaring and the like. Otherwise, laser hair removal will be ineffective.
  3. Shave your hair the day before the visit (preferably) or a few hours before the visit. Apply moisturizer to avoid irritation after shaving.
  4. Stop lightening hair in the treatment area at least 4 weeks before laser hair removal.
  5. Medicines. If you regularly take antibiotics or other medications, check with your laser hair removal professional to see if they are photosensitizers. If you need to cancel - consult your doctor if you can take a break during the treatment. Do not discontinue medication on your own - consult your doctor!
preparing for laser hair removal - shave the area
Gently shave the epilation area. Apply shaving cream, shaving against the direction of hair growth. Avoid cuts, as cuts can have unwanted effects during laser hair removal.

Period and laser hair removal

Menstruation is a contraindication to the treatment in the bikini area. This is a relative contraindication. You can do laser hair removal on other areas.

During menstruation, the pain threshold decreases and laser hair removal can be more uncomfortable than usual. It is better to prepare for laser hair removal by choosing the required date in advance.

What to expect during laser hair removal

During laser hair removal, you will feel a tingling sensation in the treatment area, thanks to the powerful cooling of the skin, this will not cause discomfort. A tingling sensation indicates that the hair follicle has reached the required temperature and laser hair removal will be effective for your hair type. After the treatment, a soothing cream is applied to the skin. One to two weeks after the treatment, the remaining hairs after shaving will appear on the surface and fall out. A local anesthetic may be applied in sensitive areas.

You should stop taking alcoholic beverages the day before the upcoming laser hair removal. During a hangover, our nervous system is in an agitated state and is more sensitive than it normally reacts to light, sound and tactile stimuli. Therefore, the treatment will be much more comfortable if you do not take alcohol the day before.

Side effects

The risk of side effects is minimal if you adhere to the recommendations before the visit. Possible side effects include: burns (blisters, crusts), hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation. Burns during laser hair removal are superficial and, if the doctor's recommendations are followed, do notlead to scarring and other complications. In case of side effects, consult a specialist immediately.

What to expect during laser hair removal

Care after laser hair removal

No special care is required after laser hair removal, it is enough to moisturize the skin during the first days after the treatment. You can use a cream that improves skin regeneration after laser treatments - EpiCalm. It is also recommended to apply SPF 30 after laser hair removal, do not sunbathe or visit a solarium for 3 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I come to laser hair removal not shaved?

The treatment is not carried out on unshaved hair. You will have to shave your hair yourself before the treatment. Skin irritation after shaving can negatively affect the treatment. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance.

How smooth should you shave your hair?

The skin should be shaved smoothly and there should be no hairs longer than 0.5 mm on the surface of the skin. Otherwise, it may cause skin burns during the treatment.

Should I stop taking antibiotics during laser hair removal?

Many antibiotics are photosensitizers - they increase the sensitivity of the skin to laser radiation. This can cause burns. Check with your laser hair removal professional and your antibiotic prescribing doctor if you can take a break while you are laser hair removal. If there is a short course of admission, then it is better to wait until the end of the course, and then do laser hair removal. This will not negatively affect the quality of hair removal. Do not stop antibiotics yourself - be sure to consult with your doctor.

Can I shave my hair before the treatment itself?

This is allowed in exceptional cases. A negative point can be irritation and cuts in the area of ​​the treatment, which can increase discomfort during the treatment and lead to undesirable consequences.

How long should you not sunbathe after laser hair removal?

It is recommended not to sunbathe for at least 1 month. Ideally 3 months after the treatment. This applies to tanning in the sun and tanning beds.

Is laser hair removal dangerous for my body?

No laser hair removal is absolutely safe for the body. It is important to follow the recommendations while preparing for the treatment.

What should not be done before laser hair removal?

Before the visit, do not take alcohol, apply self-tanning creams to the skin, wipe the skin with alcohol-containing lotions, visit a solarium, sunbathe, do peels or scrubs in the treatment area.

Alcohol intake: can I drink before laser hair removal?

You can not take alcohol the day before and immediately before the visit for laser hair removal. Drinking alcohol may cause side effects during or immediately after the procedure. Laser hair removal will be more uncomfortable if there was alcohol intake the day before, since alcohol reduces tolerance (immunity) to stimuli.

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