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Papilloma on the face

Papilloma: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Papilloma (papillo - papilla, +oma - benign tumor) - is a benign skin tumor protruding above its surface. The reason is the human papillomavirus. The size can be from fractions of a millimeter to 5 cm.


Human papillomavirus is the main cause. Permanent damage promotes proliferation.


Papilloma develops from epithelial cells and grows above the surface of the skin in the form of soft elastic outgrowths with an uneven surface, reminiscent of cauliflower. The color can be light, like skin color, or brown, standing out from the base skin color.


The most common locations are areas of the skin that undergo mechanical trauma. This is a transitional fold of the neck, axillary region, inguinal folds, etc. If there is at least one element, then the appearance of new ones in neighboring areas of the skin may soon be observed. Multiple papillomatosis on the body may indicate a decrease in immunity. These tumors can result from direct contact with an infection such as the human papillomavirus (HPV).


The preliminary diagnosis is established on the basis of an external examination, typical localization sites. In the genital area, the papillomavirus causes the appearance of genital warts - a type of papillomas. The final diagnosis is established based on the results of histological examination.

See your doctor to rule out malignant forms.


The prognosis is favorable and depends on the location. Papillomas on the body have a benign course and cause only a cosmetic defect, they tend to spread. Papillomas on the mucous membrane of the larynx can make breathing difficult, on the mucous membrane of the eye they cause conjunctivitis.


Papillomas may go away on their own without treatment. This is due to the capability of the immune system. In the vast majority of cases, they are subject to surgical removal followed by histological examination.

Treatment methods are:

At Venus Clinic we use a CO2 laser for papilloma removal.

Read in detail - Papilommas laser removal.

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