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Removal of papillomas Surgitron in Kyiv

Removal of papillomas Surgitron in Kyiv

Surgitron papillomas removal is a minimally invasive electrosurgical procedure using a radio wave knife that vaporizes tissue with minimal thermal damage to healthy tissue and minimal risk of scarring.


  • Papillomas of the face and body
  • Papillomas on the eyelids
  • Skin fibroids
  • Skin atheroma
  • Keratoma

What is papilloma?

Papilloma is a benign tumor of the skin that protrudes above its surface. The size of papilloma can be from fractions of a millimeter to 5 cm. They are located in areas of the skin subject to mechanical trauma: the transitional fold of the neck, axillary area, inguinal folds, eyelids, etc.

Removal with Surgitron radio wave knife

Removal with a Surgitron radio wave knife allows you to highly accurately cut off the area of skin damaged by papillomavirus without affecting healthy cells. Minimal damage to healthy tissue is a distinctive feature of the Surgitron device from Cynosure (Ellman), USA.

How the procedure works

The skin area is treated with an antiseptic. The doctor uses a thin tungsten electrode to cut off the papilloma.

removal of papilloma using the Surgitron device
The Surgitron® Dual RF™ 120 device generates a high frequency current of 4 MHz, which vaporizes skin cells with high precision. For hemostasis, the device generates a frequency of 1.7 MHz. This provides flexibility during the procedure should hemostasis be required.

Skin after removal with Surgitron, the skin heals faster and with less risk of scarring, compared to electro coagulators from other manufacturers.

Surgitron® Dual RF™ has 73% less thermal spread compared to Bovie® 1250 and Valleylab® ForceFX™ respectively results in 73% less thermal damage to healthy tissue.

Removal of one papilloma takes a matter of seconds. The patient does not experience discomfort due to minimal damage to healthy tissue. In most cases, no anesthesia is required. In case of deep and extensive formations, injection or application anesthesia can be used.

Advantages of benign neoplasms removal Surgitron

  • Excellent cosmetic results – minimal risk of scarring and skin pigmentation.
  • Fast recovery – with less tissue destruction, healing is accelerated.
  • Reducing postoperative pain - Surgitron high-frequency radiofrequency surgery causes less tissue damage.
  • Less burns or charring of tissue, unlike traditional radio wave surgery.
  • Minimum thermal spread in tissue – maximum readability of histological samples. Surgitron biopsy guarantees a higher diagnostic value.


  • Pregnancy
  • Heart pacemakers
  • Metal implants in the procedure area (relative contraindication)
  • Infection in the procedure area

Care after the procedure

After the procedure for removing papilloma with a radio wave knife, it is recommended not to wet the wound and apply an antiseptic. Our doctor will give detailed recommendations for care, depending on the area and volume of the procedure.


Prices for removal of papillomas Surgitron in Kyiv

Papillomas removal, for 1 piece140 UAH20 min.
Repeat procedure for deleting the same element-15% 
Installation of intraocular shields (removal on eyelids)500 UAH10 min.
Pain relief application+15%20 min.
Injection anesthesia300 UAH10 min.

Frequently asked questions

Is pain relief required?

In most cases, anesthesia is not required, but infiltration anesthesia (injection anesthesia) or topical anesthesia - applying cream can be used.

Is wound care necessary?

Removal of papillomas with Surgitron leaves a sterile wound. The protective crust after the procedure reliably protects the wound from infection and in most cases does not require special care. The doctor will give you recommendations after the procedure.

Is it dangerous to remove papillomas with Surgitron?

During the removal of papillomas with a radio wave knife, harmful gases are released, as well as microparticles with native papillomavirus. Inhalation of gases and human papillomavirus is harmful to health. We use a surgical smoke aspirator that captures all the smoke generated during the procedure. Therefore, laser removal of papillomas at Venus Clinic in Kyiv is absolutely safe for your health.

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