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Special for laser treatment in October

Special in October!

Autumn not only wonderful and beautiful pore of year but also excellent occasion to pay attention to the skin!

Hurry to take advantage of action suggestions on laser procedures!

  • BBL photorejuvenation -15%
  • Rejuvenation by plasma of NeoGen -15%
  • Factious laser polishing -10%

Term of action of action : on October, 17 - on October, 31, 2020.

Why is it better to begin laser procedures in autumn?

A skin got tired from intensive influence of a sun. you can notice on face tracks as an unevenness of tone and pigmentation. By other problem, defiat the even color of our skin there can be the extended vessels that it is also better to begin to delete in autumn. Photorejuvenation easily will correct it.

In detail read - photorejuvenation.

Photorejuvenation BBL Sciton, Kyiv

A tender zone round eyes is first of all subject to negative influences. Shallow wrinkles, overhanding of century and puffiness under eyes is all can be corrected through a rejuvenation by unique methodology - nitric plasma.

In detail - NeoGen plasma rejuvenation.

Wrinkles and extended pores, dim color of skin is all helps to correct factious laser polishing. This procedure is conducted by a course from 3-4 procedures with an interval 3-4 weeks, therefore beginning a course in autumn, you will have time to complete a course to completion of winter.

In detail Fractional laser resurfacing.

leaves autumn

Beginning the course of procedures in autumn, you to the December holidays already will have ideal tone of skin and will forget about these shallow problems!

We wait you in Venus Clinic!


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