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Leaseir, Best Hair Removal Laser in 2018

Leaseir is Best Hair Removal Laser in 2018

Best Laser Hair Removal 2018 at Venus Clinic!

We are glad to share the good news - a new Leaseir MHR laser for hair removal is in our clinic.

Best Laser Hair Removal 2018
Leaseir MHR Laser Voted Best Hair Removal Laser 2018 by Vida Estética.

Why did we choose this particular laser?

There is a compromise: do we do the procedure with high quality and painful or comfortable, but ineffective?

High power for high-quality epilation

Everyone knows that low-power diode lasers promise a comfortable procedure, but to the detriment of the quality of hair removal and in visitors, hair growth resumes even after a course of 6-8 procedures, or even worse, the patient continues to attend laser hair removal sessions 10-15 times, after which the hair becomes thinner, loses pigment (becomes gray) and can no longer be removed by any laser. This is typical of "inexpensive" lasers and "inexpensive laser hair removal services". Naturally, inexpensive equipment is widely presented in salons, luring customers with an affordable price for laser hair removal.

The Leaseir MHR diode laser has a high power, which guarantees the quality of laser hair removal. The manufacturer does not hide or veil the laser parameters on its official website. Therefore, the standard course will be 6-8 procedures, which corresponds to the physiology of the hair growth phases and our patient will not overpay for ineffective procedures.

The other side of the coin is discomfort during laser hair removal procedures. There is a trade-off between quality and comfort.

Laser hair removal why you have to choose between quality and comfort?

To destroy the bulb, the hair must be heated to 70-80 ° C. If we do not reach the desired temperature, the hair follicle will not collapse, the hair will fall out after the procedure, but will resume its growth in 2-3 months. Leaseir MHR has found 2 solutions to this problem:

  1. Leaseir laser hair removal uses cryoanesthesia without power reduction (hair removal quality). It is known that at low temperatures the rate of conduction of nerve impulses decreases. Everyone is familiar with such sensations - when the skin of the face or hands loses sensitivity in the cold. Thus, Leaseir laser hair removal is much more comfortable, but without a decrease in efficiency!
  2. In some cases, there is an individual feature of the body - a low pain threshold. For these patients, the Leaseir diode laser is set to "soft epilation" mode, when the laser energy is gradually pumped into the hair. This mode is comfortable, but not justified in certain cases ...

During the consultation, our specialist will tell you which of the modes will be optimal for you. After all, we have a choice and we are pleased to offer high-quality and comfortable Leaseir laser hair removal to our visitors without compromise between comfort and quality!

For details about the service, see the section - Laser hair removal.

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