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Laser hair removal for blonde hair

Laser hair removal for blonde and vellus hair

Laser hair removal for light and vellus hair is a combined non-invasive laser procedure that combines the application of a special preparation with a laser procedure.

Laser hair removal is ineffective for light and gray hair

Laser hair removal is an effective method for millions of people who have decided to get rid of unwanted facial and body hair. However, about 30% of salon visitors are rejected from the laser hair removal procedure, these are people with light brown, vellus, red, white, gray hair.

Blond hair does not contain enough melanin to be removed during laser hair removal. Today, there is no laser in the world that could remove blonde hair without Meladine.

Blond hair? This is not a problem!

Meladine is a topical preparation that contains melanin in the form of liposomes. After applying Meladine to the area of intended hair removal, melanin is captured by the cells of the hair follicles without accumulation in the surrounding tissues.

Liposomes are microscopic spheres that are small enough to effectively penetrate the hair follicle without entering the bloodstream. As a result, melanin saturates the hair follicles, which allows patients whose hair was not very sensitive to laser hair removal, to achieve good results.

It's just effective

Meladine does not belong to complex devices and novelties of the laser industry, Meladine is a safe, natural cosmetic product that increases the melanin content in hair follicles. And while there have been many attempts to improve the effectiveness of laser hair removal with special treatments and treatments, Meladine is the only FDA-approved cosmetic product in the world with proven efficacy and safety for laser hair removal on blonde, red and gray hair.

Melanin with liposomal delivery system improves laser hair removal results. During laser hair removal, the action of the laser beam is directed at the melanin contained in the hair follicles. Dark granules of melanin absorb the energy of the laser beam, heat the hair follicle and destroy it, after which hair growth stops. At the same time, the surrounding tissues are not damaged, as they are "transparent" for the laser beam.

In persons with fair hair, less melanin is produced and an insufficient amount of it makes the hair follicle as "transparent" to laser beams as the surrounding tissues. Therefore, laser hair removal and photoepilation of white, gray, red and gray hair is ineffective. Melanin, which is injected from the outside, compensates for the lack of its own melanin, making laser hair removal effective.


  • vellus hair removal
  • epilation of gray hair
  • epilation for red hair

Preparing for the procedure

It is necessary to sign up for a consultation and purchase Meladine to prepare for laser hair removal of light and vellus hair. Our experienced specialists will diagnose the hair type and tell you in detail about the dosage regimen of Meladine, and during laser hair removal, they will correctly set the laser parameters to effectively remove light hair.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the procedure, it is necessary to follow the recommendations, as after usual laser hair removal: do not sunbathe for 1-3 months, apply SPF 30+.


Prices for hair removal in Kiev

Upper lip500 UAH10 minutes
Chin850 UAH10 minutes
Cheeks980 UAH10 minutes
Whole face1650 UAH20 minutes
Ears500 UAH20 minutes
Armpits850 UAH15 minutes
Bikini Bottoms1500 UAH20 minutes
Full bikini area
(pubis, labia, intergluteal fold)
2200 UAH30 minutes
Legs (full)6600 UAH120 minutes
Hips3850 UAH50 minutes
Shins3750 UAH40 minutes
Forearm2250 UAH30 minutes
Shoulders2750 UAH30 minutes
Full arms4100 UAH30 minutes
Hands (including fingers)1500 UAH15 minutes
Fingers of the hands650 UAH10 minutes
Single pulse250 UAH 
Pain relief15%40 minutes
Shaving the epilation area15% 

ATTENTION! Shaving of large areas is not performed in the clinic, the patient needs to shave his hair before the visit

Frequently Asked Questions

How many procedures will you need?

Each case is different. Usually, 1 to 3 treatments are required. This is individual and depends on the depth and prevalence of the process.

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