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Scar laser resurfacing
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Clinical efficacy surgical scar's laser resurfacing

A scar is an imprint that remains after a wound has healed. Which laser should you choose?

Surgery scar

In the past, treatment has focused only on the treatment of severe scars such as hypertrophic and post-burn scars. However, small wound scars can also be stressful for patients. When a thyrectomy on the anterior surface of the neck in women, who make up the majority of patients, a postoperative scar remains, which can be considered a cosmetic defect. Active prophylaxis gives better cosmetic results and requires fewer procedures and, consequently, less costs than scar excision.

There are many treatment options in the literature, but there is still no general consensus on the optimal scar treatment. Recently, there has been an emphasis on "laser scar prophylaxis" using different types of ablative and non-ablative fractional lasers.

Lasers resurfacing kinds for Scars

Ablative fractional laser - during the procedure, the integrity of the skin is violated (microtubules are formed deep into the skin).

 Scar laser resurfacing using Intenz CO2 laser
 Scar laser resurfacing using Intenz CO2 laser in fractional mode.

Non-ablative fractional laser- the procedure takes place without violating the integrity of the skin (leaves micro-columns of "baked" tissue deep into the skin).

Scar resurfacing with ablative fractional laser is much more effective than non-ablative one

A comparative clinical study was conducted. Half of the scar was resurfaced with a non-ablative fractional laser and the other half with an ablative fractional laser to treat postoperative scars in patients with Fitzpatrick skin types III-IV. The results showed that ablative lasers are much more effective in correcting scars than non-ablative ones.

When to treat a scar?

There is an opinion that postoperative scars need to be treated only after they "mature", that is, at the later stages, when the scar tissue has formed. Other experts believe that it is best to start laser treatment of scars as early as possible. In this study, treatment of postoperative scars with a fractional laser was started immediately after removing the stitches from the wound, that is, at an early stage. As research shows, laser techniques can effectively fight postoperative scars.

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