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Laser hair removal: pros and cons

Laser hair removal: pros and cons

Laser hair removal is the most popular laser procedure in the world and is shrouded in a lot of myths. We will list the pros and cons of laser hair removal so you can make your choice.

Pros - advantages of laser hair removal

It is no coincidence that laser hair removal is the most popular laser procedure in the world, and there are a lot of undeniable advantages to it. Let's consider them in detail.

Pros - permanent cessation of hair growth

👍 Permanent result - permanent cessation of unwanted hair growth is the most indisputable advantage of laser hair removal.

armpit girl after epilation
During the procedure, the bulb is heated, which leads to its complete destruction. As a result, hair growth stops forever. Whether the laser heats up to a temperature sufficient to destroy depends on the power of the laser. Our clinic uses diode laser for hair removal with record power, which allows you to remove hair in 4 - 8 sessions.

💡 As you know, about 30% of existing hair can be removed in one session of laser hair removal. To remove 99.9% of hair with a powerful diode laser, you will need to undergo a course of 4 to 8 laser hair removal treatments.
ℹ️ The Leaseir diode laser is based on clinical studies. The laser parameters fully correspond to the fundamental parameters of the combination of power and pulse duration, the so-called AUTO mode - a specially selected combination of power and pulse duration. This makes epilation proven effective from the first to the last treatment.

Pros - safety

👍 Among the permanent methods of hair removal, the safety palm belongs to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal has become widespread since the second half of the 90s. In less than 30 years of use, laser hair removal is a fairly well-studied procedure, according to strict medical canons. Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness and safety of laser hair removal. Therefore, the safety of laser hair removal today is no longer in doubt.

❄️ Contact cooling of the skin to 0 ℃ in the Leaseir laser makes the procedure safe and comfortable.

For example, such an epilation method as electroepilation also leads to the destruction of the bulb and the cessation of hair growth, but has a high risk of scarring, unlike laser hair removal.

Pros - selectivity of laser action on hair

👍 The laser selectively affects only the hair and the hair follicle without damaging neighboring tissues.

The selectivity of the effect on the hair is one of the indisputable advantages of laser hair removal. Due to the fact that a certain wavelength is selectively absorbed by the melanin of the hair, there is a selective destruction of the hair and its bulb without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Pros and cons of laser hair removal

Cons - disadvantages of laser hair removal

Cons - burns during hair removal

👎 One of the most unpleasant moments is skin burns during laser hair removal treatments, which can leave marks.

Burns during laser hair removal, unfortunately, are one of the most undesirable moments and are side effects.

🔥 The main causes of burns are an incorrect assessment of skin phototype and a fresh tan. Based on the assessment of skin color, the specialist selects the parameters of laser hair removal. By choosing an experienced specialist and adhering to the recommendation, you can avoid this undesirable phenomenon. There are other reasons, for example, taking photosensitizers - substances that increase the sensitivity of the skin to laser exposure. Most of the reasons are well known and included in the contraindications for laser hair removal and recommendations at the stage of preparation for the procedure, as well as recommendations after the procedure.

Cons - the laser does not remove light hair

👎 Indeed, the laser can remove only use hair that is darker than the patient's skin color.

In the case of fair hair, the solution is electrolysis or the use of products that increase the sensitivity of the hair to the laser. The use of melanin enhancers is a rather lengthy technique, which also leads to an increase in the cost of the procedure.

Cons - the need for several treatments

One of the significant disadvantages of laser hair removal is the need for a course of treatments to achieve a permanent effect.

The good news is that 💯 a complete cessation of hair growth cannot be achieved in one procedure by any other method, since dormant bulbs cannot be detected and destroyed.

ℹ️ Unfortunately, the physiology of hair growth in our body is cyclical. Some hair follicles "rest" while other hair follicles are active and we see hair on the surface of the skin. Then part of the active bulbs goes into a "sleep" mode, and the "rested" bulbs are activated and new hairs appear on the surface of the skin. This continuous cyclic change of hair remains invisible to us. About 30% of the hair is in the active growth phase. That is, what we see on the surface of the skin is only 30% of the hair we have. 70% of the bulbs are in a "dormant" state and "rest". Thus, in order to completely remove the hair, repeated treatments are needed that will remove the "awakened" hairs. Depending on the area, 4 to 8 laser hair removal treatments are required.

Cons - discomfort

👎 Heating the bulbs with a laser causes them to break. It is impossible to achieve a complete cessation of hair growth without any sensations.

a girl does laser hair removal of her face
Laser hair removal is based on the principle of thermal destruction of hair follicles and, unfortunately, it is impossible to heat hair up to 70-80 ° C "imperceptibly" for nerve endings. Those laser techniques that offer absolute painlessness of laser hair removal, unfortunately do so at a damage to the quality of hair removal. As a result, the hair may fall out, but then resume its growth. You won't be able to track this in the early stages, as we described above, dormant bulbs will "wake up" after a few months (4-6 months).

ℹ️ You can notice the inefficiency of hair removal only by the number of treatments that will exceed the standard 6-8 treatments. This will happen in 12-18 months!

To increase comfort and protect the skin, many laser manufacturers offer cooling, which increases comfort during laser hair removal.

Let's evaluate everything "pros" or "cons"?

Like any effective medical technique, laser hair removal has its pros and cons. In our opinion, laser hair removal has a greater advantage in the pros. This is always the case in medicine, starting from the appearance of a new technique and the accumulation of experience over the years, the balance shifts towards the "for".

High-quality laser equipment, well-trained and experienced professionals will make the procedure efficient and safe. The result is smooth skin without unwanted hair.

The choice is yours!

Laser hair removal at Venus Clinic, Kyiv

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👍Definitely "Pros".

💯 Bikini laser hair removal will save you from the need to shave, and most importantly, from irritation and ingrown hairs after shaving in the bikini area.

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Laser hair removal of armpits: pros and cons

👍Definitely "Pros".

💯 Beautiful skin in the armpits without irritation and unpleasant odor is a weighty argument for laser hair removal of the armpits.

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Laser hair removal during pregnancy is contraindicated. Read more at the link below.

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