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Combined facial cleansing

Combined facial cleansing

Combined facial cleansing - a combination of several types of cleansing in one procedure for maximum cleansing in problem areas and gentle cleansing on delicate areas.


  • blemishes
  • seborrhea, oily skin
  • hygienic face cleaning
  • blackheads
  • milia (white dots)

Combined facial cleansing

Combined facial cleansing is carried out after preliminary preparation of the skin with a special softening gel - Deotx Gel by PCA Skin. This prepares the skin and softens sebum (a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells). It involves a combination of two procedures:

With the help of sterile wipes and a special sterile cosmetic spoon for extraction, the beautician will treat problem areas of the skin step by step. In areas with minor problems, where intensive exposure is not required, a gentle ultrasonic cleaning will be carried out.

 Combined facial cleansing
Combined facial cleansing is a combination of mechanical cleansing and ultrasonic cleansing in one procedure.

At the end of the procedure, an anti-inflammatory moisturizer is applied to soften and moisturize the skin.


  • herpetic eruptions of the face
  • allergic dermatitis
  • demodicosis
  • stage 3-4 acne
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the treatment area and other skin diseases.

Preparing for the treatment

The procedure does not require any special training. It is important that there are no allergies, dermatitis and damage to the integrity of the skin.

Recommendations after treatment

After mechanical cleansing of the face, it is recommended to use moisturizing creams according to skin type to enhance and consolidate the effect. If you live in Kiev, we recommend that you undergo a facial treatment for your skin type in 1-2 weeks to achieve great results after ultrasonic face cleansing.

Combination of combined cleaning with other procedures

Combined cleansing is good to combine with other cosmetic procedures and peels to achieve maximum effect. Among them:

  • Jessner peeling - indicated for acne for the treatment and prevention of rashes, lightening pigmentation
  • Salicylic mask - for problem skin
  • Laser Treatment Forever Clear BBL


Prices for mechanical cleaning of the face in Kiev

Combined face cleansing with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber1050 UAH120 minutes
Combined cleansing of the neckline with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber700 UAH90 minutes
Combined face + décolleté cleansing with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber1350 UAH120 minutes
Professional cleaning  
Combined face cleansing Newwith ultrasonic scrubber1450 UAH120 minutes
Combined cleaning New1 zone (2 palms) with ultrasonic scraper1200 UAH120 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get infected while cleaning?

No, our clinic sterilizes the instrument in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The beautician wears disposable gloves, and the skin is cleansed and treated with an antiseptic.

How many procedures will you need?

Each case is different. Sometimes this is one procedure. In some cases, facial cleansing is part of a comprehensive acne treatment. In such cases, the procedure can be of a certain frequency.

What cosmetics do you use?

We use the entire line from PCA Skin, USA, from softening gel to correcting and soothing serums.

What peels are best to combine cleansing with?

For problem skin prone to rashes, the best solution is Jessner's peeling. We use sawsInga Jessner of PCA Skin, USA - the legendary developer of formulas for modified Jessner peels. This is the # 1 peeling in the US.

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