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Start laser skin rejuvenation in autumn

Autumn-winter period is the most optimal time for fractional skin rejuvenation procedures.

Modern laser techniques in the field of aesthetic medicine have become an order of magnitude safer, more comfortable, more effective than we could have used 8-10 years ago. Today, a working person does not have to take long vacations or drop out of his usual active life for a long time. Not to the detriment of the final result, modern procedures are easily tolerated, and the flexibility of settings of advanced devices allows you to cope with many different aesthetic problems in patients of different age groups.

The autumn-winter period is most justified for rejuvenating laser procedures, because solar activity decreases and we have time to complete a full course of skin restoration in order to please ourselves with a well-groomed look in the spring.

Fractional rejuvenation in our clinic

In our clinic, laser resurfacing is performed on a MedArt Intenz laser (Denmark), which combines the unique ability to perform the procedure in ablation (tissue evaporation) and non-ablation (coagulation) modes, as well as a patented beam diameter that allows you to shorten the rehabilitation period as much as possible. It should also be noted that after the procedures using Intenz there are never such unpleasant consequences as “gauze” (specific fine-point skin relief). All these features allow us to cope with a wide range of aesthetic problems with a quick positive result.

Indications for the treatment

  • Mimic wrinkles, static
  • Decreased skin elasticity, violation of facial contours
  • Dyschromia (melasma, chloasma, lentigo, etc.)
  • Disorders of the relief - acne scars.
  • Striae

Indications at a young age

It should also be noted in the indications for younger patients (from 20 -25 years old), for whom the procedure is performed in a superficial, gentle mode, and is indicated for:

  • Enlarged pores
  • Closed comedones
  • Stagnant spots after blemishes, etc.

Fractional rejuvenation is performed by the course. Most often, the course consists of 3 procedures, with a frequency of every 3 weeks. But even the first procedure brings already noticeable results. It is also important to note that improvements in the quality of the skin continue to occur for 6 months after the last procedure, this is due to the biochemical processes of new collagen formation in our skin.

Remembering the wisdom of ancient doctors that it is still easier to prevent than to fight, it is best to start doing anti-aging procedures when there are no obvious problems of chrono-aging. This will allow you to maintain an aesthetic appearance for a long time and be out of age.

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