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Facial photorejuvenation regenerates your skin

How to keep skin youthful without risks and complications?

With the onset of autumn, the aggressive effect of sunlight on the face decreases, and this is a good chance to undergo a course of restorative and rejuvenating procedures without the risk of complications.

Facial photorejuvenation is the most popular procedure

The most popular in the autumn-winter season is facial photorejuvenation, due to its effectiveness and the minimum rehabilitation period, which is very important with a busy work schedule.

Venus-clinic offers its clients the most effective BBL rejuvenation procedure on the Sciton device (USA), which allows to successfully combat the manifestations of photoaging: lentigo, rosacea, fine wrinkles, enlarged pores, reduced elasticity of the skin of the face and neck.

Advanced technologies that combine high power and even distribution of flash energy allow you to achieve amazing results in the shortest possible time without complications.

It is important to emphasize that the BBL photorejuvenation technique is also capable of slowing down chrono-aging, i.e. age-related skin changes. This has been proven through 10 years of research in the United States. Doctors dermatologists in collaboration with geneticists at Stanford University in their clinical studies came to the conclusion that as a result of the effect of photons of light on skin cells, regions of the genome are activated that “fall asleep” with age, as a result of which the cells work in a young mode, and, as a result, involutive changes skin slows down significantly.

A course of facial photorejuvenation procedures will make the cells work like at a young age

It is enough to do one course of photorejuvenation of the face in the autumn-winter season (from 3 treatments with a frequency of once every 2 weeks) so that the skin remains healthy for a long time, moreover, this procedure does not cause "addiction" and "wear" of the skin, because in the process of exposure, biochemical stress reactions are not triggered, which has also been proven as a result of clinical studies.

Thus, photorejuvenation of the face has proven its effectiveness not only for hyperpigmentation, rosacea, but also, if necessary, fight against age-related changes or significantly slow them down.

Modern women today have access to a large arsenal of knowledge, advanced technologies, which allows them to maximize their condition beyond age!

This is required by the crazy speed of development of civilization, and there is no reason to refuse!

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