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Hyaluronic acid, filler
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New filler Fillderma

We present a novelty at Venus Clinic - a new generation filler from Fillderma, Spain.

Fillderma is a new generation filler produced according to the modern patented Tissue Trophic cross-link technology, which provides a long-lasting aesthetic result and minimizes side effects.

Thixotropic Filler

Fillderma gels have the property of thixotropy - they liquefy under the action of mechanical pressure, and at rest they acquire the same shape. This provides a natural, natural result with a lasting effect for up to 12 months. In addition, modern technologies for obtaining hyaluronic acid by biofermentation are practically devoid of allergenic properties. The European safety standard provides a minimum amount of endotoxins, protein, as well as optimal acidity and osmolarity of the drug, which minimizes the possibility of allergic reactions without a rehabilitation period after the injection of Fillderma filler.

fillderma filler hyaluronic acid

Non-animal hyaluronic acid

Non-animal hyaluronic acid is obtained by bioengineering. For this, microorganisms are used, more often streptococci, which synthesize hyaluronic acid. Then streptococci are destroyed, and the substance is cleared of impurities to obtain pure hyaluronic acid.

Bioengineered hyaluronic acid has a lower content of impurities and a lower risk of allergic reactions.

Fillderma fillers are successfully applied for

  • Lip augmentation
  • Face contour correction
  • Correction of deep wrinkles
  • Filling the nasolacrimal sulcus

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