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Elos hair removal

Elos hair removal or laser hair removal - which is better?

Elos hair removal, how effective is it compared to laser hair removal?

Elos hair removal versus laser
Hair removal on the face and body is a rather topical topic that worries many and it touched not only women, but also men. In connection with the search for the safest and most effective solution to this problem, there is a constant development and improvement of technologies that bring us closer to the ideal. In cosmetology, there are a huge number of ways to remove unwanted hair, they can have a temporary effect, such as shaving, or be more radical, can be carried out at home or exclusively in clinics, using professional equipment.

The most popular now are procedures that radically solve the problem of unwanted hair, the most common of which are laser hair removal, photoepilation, and Elos hair removal. These types of hair removal are referred to as permanent types of unwanted hair removal, that is, hair is removed forever.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is the removal of unwanted hair along with its bulb, by exposing the hair to light energy, which is converted into heat and destroys the hair follicle, which leads to the termination of their growth.


Photoepilation has a principle of action similar to laser hair removal, it involves removing hair by exposure to high-intensity light on the pigment (melanin) contained in the hair and its bulb. Melanin is a target, it absorbs light energy and, due to a thermal reaction, atrophy and destruction of the hair follicle occurs.

Elos hair removal

Elos hair removal, electro-optical hair removal - simultaneous exposure of the hair to light energy, as it happens during photoepilation, with simultaneous heating of the hair follicle with an electric current. According to the authors of the method, the synergy of heating with an electric current with a photothermal effect will make it possible to more effectively remove hair. Moreover, the authors of the technique speculated that this would remove blonde hair, since light hair removal is still a problem.

Elos hair removal: failed hopes

Scientists' assumptions were not confirmed and 5 years after the appearance of the Elos hair removal technique, clinical studies and the experience of doctors have shown that Elos hair removal does not improve the quality of hair removal, both for dark and light hair. Moreover, Elos hair removal does not differ from ordinary photoepilation either in its efficiency or safety. To date, the company manufacturer of systems Elos has removed this equipment from production. But generic manufacturers continue to make photoepilators using Elos' former glory. In fact, Elos hair removal is a photoepilation.

Which is more effective: laser hair removal, Elos hair removal or photo hair removal?

laser hair removal of the legs
Laser hair removal and photoepilation refers to the photothermal method of removing unwanted hair, which is based on the principle of photothermolysis, that is, during the procedure, melanin absorbs light energy, which is converted into heat, the hair heats up and dies. To achieve the maximum result, as with any type of hair removal, it is required to undergo a course of procedures, this is due to the individual characteristics of each patient and the time interval for the resumption of the growth of dormant bulbs, since during the procedure only those hairs that are in the growth phase - anagen ... That is, according to the principle of influence on the hair and the bulb, these methods do not differ.

Benefits of laser hair removal

If we compare these two types of hair removal, then it will be more effective to use laser hair removal, since during the procedure, each laser emits light of a strictly fixed wavelength, which makes the procedure more predictable and directed, therefore, and more effective. On the other hand, the laser energy is able to penetrate deeper into the skin, which also increases the effectiveness of the procedure. Therefore, laser hair removal is more effective than photoepilation.

What are the advantages of photoepilation?

It would seem that the issue has been resolved - laser hair removal is more effective than photoepilation. But, unfortunately, not everything is so simple. The advantages of the laser are undeniable when it comes to standard situations: the hair is dark brown or black in color and quite thick in diameter. But, unfortunately, the laser does not remove redheads well and completely does not remove blonde hair. As for light hair, there is no chance of removing it either with a laser or with photoepilation. But for red and thin brown hair, photoepilation will be slightly more effective than laser hair removal. The difference in efficiency is only 10-30%, but this is enough to get acceptable hair removal results.

How to solve the hair removal problem?

At Venus Clinic we use a flexible approach to the problem of removing unwanted hair, since we have both a laser for solving standard epilation tasks and the world's most powerful photoepilation system - BBL.

This allows us to offer our patients the optimal quality of procedures, depending on the individual hair type.

You can find more detailed information on each procedure in the sections:

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Photoepilation BBL Sciton system.

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