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Don't have time for a pedicure? Try a home pedicure!

Do you lead an active lifestyle and do not always have time to get a pedicure? It doesn't matter, a home pedicure will help you get rid of rough skin and get your feet in order without leaving your home.

Home pedicure

These are special exfoliating socks for pedicure based on natural fruit acids for home use. We put on socks for 90 minutes and calmly go about our business. Then we wash off the rest of the solution with water and after 7 days after exfoliation, we get delicate, beautiful and healthy skin, like a child's, without corns and calluses. Not only the skin of the feet is renewed, but also the cuticle around the nails looks like after a professional pedicure. This effect will last for at least 3 months! What is the secret of a home pedicure?

 Home pedicure

Exfoliating socks contain well-selected ingredients with different directions of action. Lactic acid, glycolic acid, papain and milk fermentation products help to exfoliate rough skin of the feet. Bamboo vinegar (bamboo fermentation product) - has a powerful antibacterial and antifungal effect on the skin of the feet and nail plates. Glycerol has a softening and moisturizing effect. Aloe extract moisturizes and regenerates the skin.

So, a single use of exfoliating socks at home will save us time and money.

How does it work?

As you know, our skin cells are continuously dividing and, as they mature, move from the deep layers of the skin to its surface. As skin cells mature, they thicken and flatten, ending their life cycle and turning into thin microscopic scales. These natural "building blocks" form the stratum corneum and protect young, immature cells from adverse environmental influences. The legs bear an increased load, and in places of increased pressure and friction, an excess of horny cells is formed. We call them corns, calluses.

SoftFoot Exfoliating Socks contain fruit acids and milk enzymes that promote the detachment of horny skin cells without negatively affecting living skin cells. Thus, our feet are naturally cleared of the load of horny cells, showing us the beautiful and smooth skin of our feet.

If you lead an active lifestyle and visit fitness centers, swimming pools, saunas, etc., then a home pedicure once every 3-4 months will prevent nail and foot fungus.

Where can it be used?

We also recommend exfoliating socks for patients who are undergoing laser treatment for nail fungus and have a concomitant fungal infection of the skin of the feet.

What to do if the problem affects your nails?

Nail damage - read Laser nail fungus treatment.

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