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Depression accelerates aging, shortening telomerase DNA

Depression accelerates aging

Depression and low mood can shorten the length of telomeres, known as a marker of cell aging.

Researching the Effects of Depression on Aging

As a result of large-scale studies, it has been shown that telomere shortening occurs in patients with diseases with decreased mood. With adequate treatment of depression and other pathologies with a decrease in mood, it leads to the restoration of telomere length.

In a study from the Netherlands, we were able to investigate telomere length in 2,300 depressed and non-depressed patients. Our results showed that patients with active depression have shorter telomere lengths than patients with relieved depression.

- Josine Verhoeven, Department of Psychiatry, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telomeres shorten as a result of depression

Telomeres are special DNA complexes that cover the ends of chromosomes and shorten with age. They are considered an indicator of cell aging. Telomeres are longer in women than in men.

The shortening of DNA telomeres indicates an acceleration of aging by 3-5 years. This is also observed with a certain lifestyle: underweight and overweight, smoking and alcohol abuse, as well as with numerous somatic diseases.

Treatment for depression restores telomeres

However, adequate treatment for depression can reverse these processes, as new research suggests.

 Smiling slows down aging

Smile more often to slow down the aging process!

According to British Journal of Psychiatry, Journal Invegistative Dermatology.

How to slow down skin aging?

Stanford University studies have shown that photorejuvenation Forever Young BBL, on the other hand, slows down skin aging, moreover, makes aging skin cells function like cells at a young age by activating certain genes.

Patrick Bitter, California, USA, in his 10 years of research, showed that regular BBL photorejuvenation procedures slowed down the aging of the skin and the patients looked 9 years younger than their peers.

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