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Couperose on the face

What is rosacea and can it be treated with a laser?

Beautiful skin is an integral part of the ideal image of modern society, but there are a number of factors that significantly affect our image.

One of these factors is dilated vessels: spider veins, mesh, ruby ​​bodies and others. From a distance, these vascular elements are similar to an ordinary blush, but if you look closely, you can very clearly see the linear vessels and points that form a whole pattern on the face. Often, the obvious manifestation of blood vessels on the face is preceded by symptoms such as itching and burning, dryness, but they are usually not given proper attention. They seek help at later stages, when redness becomes constant, and not a response to some external stimulus (sun, temperature changes, etc.), and the severity of the vessels and their color cannot be masked even with cosmetics. In cosmetology, such a manifestation of blood vessels is called rosacea, in dermatology - telangiectasias.

Couperose, what is it?

Couperose on the face
Telangiectasias (rosacea) on the face in the cheekbones and cheeks.

Couperosis is a specific disorder of microcirculation in the skin, which manifests itself in the form of persistent redness on the skin and the appearance of a vascular network (telangiectasias) on it, most often in the area of ​​the cheeks, chin and nose. Couperosis is a consequence of the loss of elasticity of the walls of blood vessels, their fragility and the inability, after expansion, to shrink into their natural state. Couperosis is one of the stages in the development of a dermatological disease - rosacea.

Most often, owners of very light, thin and dry skin suffer from rosacea, which instantly reacts to various stimuli and environmental negative factors, but it also occurs in people with oily skin, most often in the nasolabial area.

Reasons for the appearance of telangiectasias (rosacea)

There are two main groups of prerequisites for the appearance of rosacea: heredity and the influence of external factors. Hereditary predisposition usually manifests itself with age, while any hormonal changes can accelerate and aggravate the manifestation of rosacea. As for external factors, they include the influence of a sharp temperature drop (saunas and baths, prolonged exposure to the cold), alcohol abuse, smoking, very hot and spicy foods and drinks, as well as prolonged exposure to the sun without sunscreen.

As for the effect of ultraviolet radiation, it not only provokes the appearance of blood vessels on the face, but also leads to photodamage, which ultimately aggravates the situation at times, worsens the quality of the skin and accelerates the rate of skin aging.

Treatment with modern laser techniques

As for the treatment of rosacea and other vascular conditions, today the most effective and modern solution is treatment with broadband light - BBL Sciton.

Why BBL Sciton Photorejuvenation?

BBL vascular removal is an advanced patented technology, the predecessor of which was IPL systems.

Photorejuvenation allows you to quickly, comfortably and without long-term rehabilitation remove such vascular formations as:

  • spider veins
  • telangiectasias (rosacea)
  • rosacea
  • congenital and acquired hemangiomas
  • ruby ​​bodies
  • cherry hemangiomas
  • wine stains

Benefits of BBL procedure at Venus Clinic:

  • Powerful cooling protects the skin. Powerful cooling system regulates skin temperature to within 1 degree. Thus, we can use higher parameters, which shortens the treatment period and gives a quick and pronounced result, without the risk of burns.
  • Safe on all skin areas. Thanks to interchangeable adapters of various diameters, we can selectively act on even the smallest targets.
  • Power distribution control over the entire crystal area - safe skin treatment at high energies.
  • Complex impact. In one procedure, we can solve the issue of not only vascular formations, but also pigmentation, acne and skin rejuvenation.


  • Using sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher
  • Cosmetics for sensitive skin
  • Adequate hydration according to skin type and condition

Read more about the treatment of rosacea, indications and contraindications in the section Removal of blood vessels with a laser

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