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Facial cleansing care

Facial cleansing care

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial is an indispensable beauty ritual for every woman, which allows you to maintain a healthy and aesthetic skin.

Healthy and well-groomed skin is the result of your efforts. The modern fast pace of life, fast food, the use of decorative cosmetics, business trips and the constant lack of time lead to various skin problems: blocked pores and blackheads, milliums (white dots on the face), inflammation and rashes. In some cases, home care is sufficient, but in some cases, you cannot do without the help of a beautician.

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  • hygienic face cleaning
  • blackheads
  • milia (white dots)
  • seborrhea, oily skin
  • skin prone to breakouts

Deep pore сleansing facial

Facial cleansing is mainly aimed at improving the patency of the sebaceous glands, because blackheads and milliums are result of a violation of the patency of the sebaceous glands. Restoring the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands is the main task of cleansing. Depending on the type and condition of the skin, the beautician will select one or another type of cleaning. We will select the best option for facial cleansing among the existing procedures. Below are the main types of cleaning.

Mechanical face cleansing

Mechanical face cleansing is still the most effective procedure. Classic cleansing involves vaporizing the skin (steaming) to open pores and soften the skin. But, unfortunately, such a procedure leads to excessive redness of the skin, paradoxical hypersecretion of sebum and, ultimately, dehydration, early aging of the skin, the appearance of dilated blood vessels (rosacea).

 Mechanical face cleaning in Kiev
Mechanical face cleansing is carried out using a special cosmetic spatula, with which the beautician gently removes accumulated sebum (a mixture of sebum and dead skin cells) from the pores.

We offer our patients deep pore facial cleansing from the leading manufacturer of professional cosmetics PCA SKIN, USA. Instead of steaming, mechanical cleansing of the face is carried out after applying a special gel, as a result of which the pores are properly opened without increasing the secretion of sebum. Already at this stage, a bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, resorbing effect is achieved, which shortens the recovery period and eliminates complications during complex cleaning.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic facial cleaning is ideal for patients with sensitive skin.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a gentle non-invasive method for deep cleaning of the skin and pores using ultrasound waves. The energy of ultrasonic vibrations helps to remove blackheads, dead skin cells, excess sebum from the face.

 Ultrasonic face cleaning in Venus Clinic Kiev
During ultrasonic cleaning, mechanical vibrations contribute to softening and clean blackheads, without additional trauma to the surrounding tissues.

Skin irritation is less common after ultrasonic cleaning. Ultrasonic vibrations also remove dead skin cells. As a result, the excretory ducts (pores) of the sebaceous glands are cleansed, the outflow of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands improves. It helps to reduce acne breakouts and improves the results in the complex treatment of acne.

Combined facial cleansing

Combined facial cleansing is a combination of manual (mechanical cleaning) and ultrasonic cleaning. This allows you to cleanse the skin in areas with sensitive skin without unnecessary irritation, and mechanical cleaning is used in areas where radical "intervention" is required.

 Combined facial cleansing
Combined facial cleansing combines a gentle ultrasonic and mechanical method to cleanse areas of the skin where gentle ultrasonic cleansing has not cleared the skin deeply enough of impurities.

After face cleansing

Facial cleansing care is stressful for the skin. To prevent irritation, we combine cleansing with cosmetics that soothe and restore the skin, and in some cases, with laser techniques - the Forever Clear BBL laser treatment. This minimizes the risks of complications in the form of skin rashes after face cleansing.


  • herpetic eruptions of the facial skin
  • allergic dermatitis
  • demodicosis
  • stage 3-4 acne
  • violation of the integrity of the skin in the treatment area and other skin diseases.

Preparing for the procedure

No special preparation required for cleansing your face.

Recommendations after the procedure

After the procedure, we will give you recommendations for facial skin care according to your skin type and condition.

What procedures can be combined with facial cleansing?

Facial cleansing is combined:

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Prices for face cleansing in Kiev

Combined facial cleansing with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber1050 UAH120 minutes
Combined cleansing of décolleté with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber700 UAH90 minutes
Combined face + décolleté cleansing with an ultrasonic hydrogel scrubber1350 UAH120 minutes
Professional cleansing  
Combined facial cleansing New with ultrasonic scrubber1450 UAH120 minutes
Combined cleaning New 1 zone (2 palms) with ultrasonic scraper1200 UAH120 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get infected while cleaning?

No, our clinic sterilizes the instrument in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health. The beautician wears disposable gloves, and the skin is cleansed and treated with an antiseptic.

How many procedures will you need?

Each case is different. Sometimes this is one procedure. In some cases, facial cleansing is part of a comprehensive acne treatment. In such cases, the procedure can be of a certain frequency.

What cosmetics do you use?

We use the entire line from PCA Skin, USA, from softening gel to correcting and soothing serums.

What peels are best to combine cleansing with?

For problem skin prone to blemishes, the best solution is Jessner's peeling. We use Jessner peels from PCA Skin, USA - the legendary developer of Jessner's modified peel formulas. This is the #1 pilling in the US.

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