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French diet

11 weight loss secrets from French nutritionists

11 easy tips from French nutritionists to help you control excess calories. So what exactly is the French diet.

1 - do not skip meals

Every missed meal is stressful for the body. The body, not receiving nutrients at the right time, signals the brain and causes an increased feeling of hunger.

2 - don't snack between meals

The most dangerous enemy of those who "do not lose weight even on the water." By limiting yourself to basic meals, you mentally pity yourself and indulge in "small" cookies, candy, etc. These snacks can be overwhelming in calories compared to main meals because they are high in fat.

3 - at least 3 meals a day

This is important for the regular functioning of the digestive system.

4 - keep your total calories per week

If on some day of the week you allowed a little more than necessary, then on the following days you need to reduce the calorie intake.

5 - balance your diet

Review your diet and limit animal fat, especially at evening meals.

French diet, croissant, cup of coffee, egg

6 - don't eat too lean foods

Products of the "Light" series will not give long-term results. It is enough to control the consumption of animal fats, cook without fat, replacing them, if possible, with vegetable oils.

7 - control sugar intake

Remember - complex carbohydrates are a source of energy: cereals, legumes, whole grains, limit your intake of sweets, chocolate, baked goods.

8 - control protein intake

Sources of proteins: meat, fish, low-fat dairy products. A meal shouldn't be all protein.

9 - drink more water

The daily requirement is at least 2 liters, it is necessary to sharply limit alcohol intake.

10 - You need to eat slowly and in silence

Stressful situations increase your appetite, so peace and quiet will help you get satiated quickly.

11- increase calorie expenditure by increasing physical activity

Regular, even small physical activity for 20-30 minutes a day will be an excellent help.

Ultrasonic cavitation and Hydrolipoclasia are used to correct localized fat deposits.

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